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Chapter 5

So I go back to see the plastic surgeon days following the MRI....

She admits that the mass sitting there needed to be removed and it would be better in the long run for it to be gone for my desired results regarding her surgery. I asked her about doing the surgery with the other surgeon ....

She starred at me

And I starred at her...

'Well, we could do it, but just so you know this is going to a lot and this makes the possibility for infection higher' 
(Now seeing how I have a HUGE mass on my uterus the size of a child, I would imagine this would hurt)

'......But there is no sense in cutting twice, if our schedules can permit this we will do it'

I looked up at her and asked 'Well can you get a picture of the skin you are going to cut? I want to see it...'

She laughed and agreed.

Now this is literally the best news I had heard in weeks....

However we had a few variables.....
a-The plastic surgeon made it painfully clear this is her show and it will be completed her way
b- We had a proposed dated provided everything could be done
c-The OBGYN surgeon is super pregnant so I need to move quickly

So at this point, I am working with a month to get my entire life in order, working OT to stack a little, setting up my tribe for after care,possibly opening up another policy on myself, etc (yes,I am having these thoughts as Im talking to the doctor)
We get a date on the books provided everyone can get to the OR....

Now keep in mind this is all weeks before the entire world shut down and Corona is still a beer*, so the original date was fine.

I leave the doctors office on this weird high, it was a feeling of 'six in one had, half a dozen in the other', because on one side things were being handled quickly, and on the other I’m literally scared as fuck because my entire mid section is about to be cut out and off...

I start finally processing what is about to happen

....and the conversations that I needed to have 

Days later I get a message from the PS on a SUNDAY, I'm scared as fuck to open it because doctors don't send messages directly OR on Sundays...

'Hi ,
I wanted to keep you updated. I am trying to see if we can move the case to 2/19 and make it combined with Dr V. On 3/6 my schedule is too full to add 2 extra hours for the Ob/gyn part. But I know that would be great to be able to do all at once.
Would it work for you if we make the move?
Let me know.

My heart stopped..... This was really happening, and sooner than originally planned.....
At this point, I would have about 10 days to get a months worth of paperwork, prep, etc ready.

So I sent a message back reluctantly agreeing......Which would have been the best decision I ever made besides choosing these two doctors .

After I sent the message, I sat in shock and anxiety (again) because reality was starting to sit in 

This is really happening

*My hospital had been asking me about COVID-19 symptoms since January


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