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So I did a thing.... Chapter 1

This is the story of how my life was changed (again) in a matter of a few months...
Its taken a while to process everything that has happened in my healing, the journey and ultimately what is next for me ... So bare with me as I tell this LONG story, Ill include pictures though to make it kinda fun...I have dealt with a lot of depression and anxiety stemming from this entire situation because of things that went wrong, things that were left unattended (by my own hand) and ultimate outcome...But I want to share my story because I know that someone else is hurting in silence and could use some help. While I don't have all the answers ,or maybe any some days, I have my story

On February 19th at 12:30pm, I had 19cm/ 3.06 pound fibroid and 8+ pounds of excess skin removed in the same 6 hour long procedure....
Days later I had to have 2 blood transfusions due to the loss of blood in surgery and after. 
Apparently things got scary (I didn’t know,I had a TON of morphine in my system ).

In the past year and half I have lost a decent amount of weight but no matter what could not make my ultimate weight loss goal...Which ultimately became just what it was. However, every 28 days I suffered from cycles that made me sick for the pain, the dizziness from the loss of the blood, depressed and they were heavy to the point that I barely could function to the point that I often would look for ANY excuse not to leave my house. 
Just like women of color before me and probably after me, I suffered in silence because I believed this was 'normal'.
I mean, what could possibly be wrong? I had labs run by my primary, felt 'good', and lived life regularly.... I attributed the changes in my body to just being post weight loss changes...

In November of 2019, I saw a plastic surgeon who agreed that it was time for my abdominal panniculus should be removed and was the excess weight that I was carrying. I was examined, photos were taken (my insurance company said 'send nudes" lol), it was confirmed that 'mass' that on my stomach was not a hernia, and my information was sent to the insurance company for approval. Nothing further was asked about a 'hard spot' on my belly....

I was approved for panniculectomy in Dec 2019, (and not notified by my insurance company, until I called them in Jan 2020) but the original surgeon I saw was out of the state until April 2020 .....


  1. Namasté my friend!

    Thank you for sharing Chapter 1 of Your(Her)Story. Eye appreciate you being so candid about this part of your journey.

    Although I cannot directly relate to the actual events that you experienced, eye definitely can relate to some of the lower frequency feelings of (hidden/masked) depression.

    Even if no one is physically around, we're never alone. #WeAreOne

    Eye love you.

    Peace, Love & Light,
    ������ #ThirdEye

  2. Im happy you are sharing this journey!! Sometimes we have to go thru some of the worst things so that it can be a blessing for someone else...your story is needed and is necessary for another women in misery every month..not knowing what's "normal"...
    I'm in awe and inspired by how you handle your it on your terms and doing every.single.thing. YOU want & need to live your BEST life!!! Proud of you and love you lots!! Cant wait to read the rest!!😘


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