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15 FAQs.....

Jan 2018 vs Dec 2018 
I haven't been able to get rid of that red shirt just yet, so some days I wear it around my waist

In the theme of transparency , I will answer some of the questions I get frequently (even some of the ones I said don't ever ask lol.) So here is the top 15 questions I am asked the most, in no real order...

1. When did you decide to have WLS and what made you do it? 
About 2.5 years ago I was in a relationship and we were planing to have a baby, I knew I was going to have a rough pregnancy due to some weight related health issues that I had..... So in an effort to start the kid off right I made the decision to take my pre opt health a bit more seriously ...I also wanted to break some generational health curses while utilizing things that I have learned about food as  I have gotten older.

2. Do you still plan to have kids?Can you have kids?
Yes, a Baby 'Crumb' is still the stars. However since I have had surgery, it has been suggested that I wait 18 months from the time because I will be a lower risk. Although I have seen lots of women have successful pregnancies in less time ,I am not in a super rush to give birth. I still plan to have a happy healthy pregnancy when the time comes.

3. What do you eat on the daily?
I eat random things, I don't deny myself anything because I just don't......  I still drink lots of green juice (that I make in the mornings), I try to stay away from breads, rice, and pasta as much as possible. I don't drink water like I used to because when I chug it , I get sick and full. My fridge is where take out and leftovers go to die because I get full and bored with food quickly

4. What kind of vitamins do you take?
I take biotin, b-12, calcium citrate, iron ,Flinstone chewables (with iron), a women probiotic and vitamin C daily.... I have to space my vitamin intake out because they can leave me full and even sick if I don't eat enough or take them in the wrong order. 

5. How often do you go to the gym?
Honestly? I never, lol...... I do walk daily, however I don't go to the gym (and I should because the wind just blew me cross the street)... Its on my list of things to do.....when the the weather breaks !!

6. What size are you now?
I am in a 14/16 now, which is crazy because I wore a size 22 this time last year ... I haven't bought shoes just yet but most of my shoes are getting bigger

7. Can you drink again?
So the drinking thing.... I haven't had any problems with actual alcohol consumption but due to my battles with depression, I try to limit my alcoholic intake 

8. How do you feel?
Most days I feel great, physically. Like I have said I have been battles with depression since surgery so I am currently re building mentally. Small things occasionally cause anxiety ,like shopping because I don't know where to start in the store, or seeing certain body parts that now look difference

9. Are you consider any type of plastic surgery?
Not seriously , I joke about it a lot but its a bridge I'll cross at a later time 

10. Are there anythings that you regret about surgery?
Yes, I have lost alot of hair (which is normal) and my damn mind( which is also pretty normal from what I hear). Which I have had to switch my product line up so I can slow down the hair loss.

11. Have your relationships changed? 
Yes and no.....Alot of my friends have been super super supportive, and others I haven't seen or heard from in months.. I am super sensitive these days, so as I am changing I try to give chances to people who may not know or understand.

12. What type of surgery did you have?
I had the vertical sleeve surgery, or in laymen terms, they cut a huge chunk of my stomach and its not the shape and size of a small banana 

13. Did it hurt?
Honestly....Not really, I hated the pressure that I felt when i came out of surgery. I started my period a few hours after I got out of surgery, but I didn't have cramps...I was on ALOT of pain meds,lol

14. Would you do anything differently ?
Yes, I wouldn't have gone through the process alone and let people in on my experience way before now. I went to all my doctors appointments alone, and actually considered going to surgery alone. I do believe my decision to be so quiet about this process has lead to me not feeling my best.

15. Did insurance cover it? How long were you out from work?
My insurance did cover it ,but not all companies do..... I was out from work 6.5 weeks, standard time is 4-6 weeks though

Jan 2018

**Please note, the answers given are from my own experiences ...Contact your insurance provider or physician for specific answers 


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