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Hat or Hood?

Dear Black Gay Men, I love you, You are valued, You are Kings.. x0x0, Cookii This weeks attack on Jussie Smollett has left me sick to say the least.... *Prepare yourself for some more Cookii rambles...* As a black woman I fear on the daily the fate of black men every time they leave their house, As a friend to a lot of homosexual men, I worry about the world not seeing them for who they are and trying harm them because of who they love, As a black woman with a lot of black male homosexual male friends, I fear the safety of my friends , brothers safety because they are not only black males, but also gay.....  This attack has gone to show that this country has gone so far backwards that no matter how accomplished, how polished, how educated, how famous a black man is, he can still be the victim to someones caveman ass hatred.... He is still no higher than the derogatory slurs to describe him. As we analyze this DOUBLE HATE crime, we see a divide in points of view.

15 FAQs.....

  Jan 2018 vs Dec 2018  I haven't been able to get rid of that red shirt just yet, so some days I wear it around my waist In the theme of transparency , I will answer some of the questions I get frequently (even some of the ones I said don't ever ask lol.) So here is the top 15 questions I am asked the most, in no real order... 1. When did you decide to have WLS and what made you do it?  About 2.5 years ago I was in a relationship and we were planing to have a baby, I knew I was going to have a rough pregnancy due to some weight related health issues that I had..... So in an effort to start the kid off right I made the decision to take my pre opt health a bit more seriously ...I also wanted to break some generational health curses while utilizing things that I have learned about food as  I have gotten older. 2. Do you still plan to have kids?Can you have kids? Yes, a Baby 'Crumb' is still the stars. However since I have had surgery, it has been suggested t
So as I stated in my previous blog I had weight loss surgery........ The experience itself has been....uhhh life changing to say the least. The physical (and mental changes ) have been...interesting, lol. But one of my biggest challenges outside of my emotional changes has certainly been fielding questions and comments of others when they hear about my 'lifestyle change'. Until recently I have been fairly private about what I was doing and intrusive questions being part of the reason....  So I have created a list of things you should STOP saying to people after weight loss surgery... Granted everyone is different but certain statements/ questions you should kind of use some kind of discernment because at the end of the day this is a medical procedure that deserves sensitivity like anything else . ' OMG, you weren't that big': The fact that you used the word 'that' means you have acknowledged my larger size (thanks,I guess) ,and unless y

Wake me up when September ends.....

On September 20,2018 I did a super crazy thing....  I got up, went to Cleveland Clinic at about 5 am, got undressed, got an IV stuck in my hand and..... 09/20/18 My last pre opt selfies... Yes, I did have lashes on during surgery. I had weight loss surgery.   Crazy shit, I know.... Note: Prepare yourself for ALOT of rambling.....So bare with me   Few hours after surgery.... I specifically told everyone NO PICTURES, but my mom never listens, lol. For the past 115 days, I have hesitated speaking about the surgery, process, pre/post opt feelings, actual weight loss, wins and losses because the feelings of shame and failure. Shame and failure in the sense that I had no control over my lifestyle or eating , and I had to have a team of unknown people come in redirect (and cut) me so I could live a longer healthier life. I feel like I failed myself because I didn't do what i needed to do and it was honestly so simple. Also dealing with the shame of so many peopl