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'U Better Get This Free Knowledge' Tour Review

So they say 'You get what you pay for ' but in this case, I gotta admit I got my $9* worth and way more..... 

Jessica Dupart or as IG knows her @daRealBBJudy has been on tour doing seminars  for up and coming business owners giving 'free knowledge' on how to succeed. Now I was one of the lucky few hundred that was able to get tickets for her New York date this week.... So I packed my pink carryon, jumped on a flight (we won't talk about how I missed the original one thanks to an enemy name Hennessy )and made it to what is my second home....New York City. 

Lettme back up, if you have been living under a rock, and don't know who @daRealBBJudy is, she is the woman behind the Kaleidoscope Hair Products empire, which features what I believe is one of her best sellers, Miracle Drops (a product that is supposed to regrow edges, beards,etc).  

Okay,back to what I was saying....  

I don't normally go to these kinda things but as a commitment to myself and things I want to accomplish, I had to ... So I did.... I hopped out the car to stand and line, only to see a familiar face! (Crazy how I can go to almost anywhere in the world and see someone I know). It was Mimi from @thefullersideofthings ,she gave me so much love AND put me on camera (Y'all know I don't do video, but thank God I put some make up on because that enemy Hennessy was still VERY real at the time)   

Her NYC date was held in a church and it was almost fitting for the way she spoke.... She gave her truth, what worked for her, hell what didn't work, how it was hard to juggle both romance and business goals (that was an add on, so no shade, you gotta ask her yourself). The room was silent as they held on her every word as 'Judy dropped her knowledge'. The room was filled with some serious positive energy and greatness. There were women of all walks of life and a few men who were ready to learn about taking their careers to the next level....  Now as bad as I want to share the info she was giving....The game is to be sold, and not told, I paid for mine so catch her in Chicago and LA to get yours. 

As she spoke, Jessica's bestie Wuzzam Supa owner of The Crayon Case was front row with boyfriend, Lou. Now you are probably wondering what the f*ck that has to do with anything she was talking about, however to me it spoke to me as how strong they were as not only business owners, but women.  Supa sat in the front row listening to every word that her bestie spoke , allowed her to tell some of her business wins (and opportunities )and NEVER once took her friends shine.  This woman traveled from New Orleans, never once did she try to sell her own product (God knows we all out here strung out trying to get one of those 'Box of Crayons' pallets), she sat and supported her friend....She attempted to be low-key in her presence, but its almost impossible if you ever watched her IG (she is hilarious), so just as quietly as she came in, she left out , but not without taking a few selfies. They say women don't know how to be friends, apparently they never met them....

Now with there being what looks like two dates left (Chicago and LA), I do have some advice for the attendees in the  next cities up 

1- Get there EARLY, this lady draws a crowd! The line was wrapped around 126th st. and trust you will want a good seat!
2- Bring a pen and notebook, she gave the names of alot of good apps you may want to try and references. 
3-Have an external battery for your phone, I typically don't travel without mine at this point in life so I was really happy I had it. She had a really cute IG filter, she took pics with everyone, and you will probably end up swapping names/info with other ladies. 
4- Bring ANY AND ALL PROMO MATERIALS,BUSINESS CARDS,AND SAMPLES. This is your chance for promotion ,net working and exposure, 'shoot your shot' not just with Jessica, or Supa, but with tons of other women who are looking to build .
5-Lastly I strongly advise taking a young woman, its kinda dope seeing a woman who is a self made millionaire (if she isn't I know she has got to be on her way). 

All and all this was one of the best investments of my time (and flight miles) that I have made in a long time....I left feeling inspired and a little more motivated to for some projects I have been wanting to finish...... 

Although I said  I was NOT sharing any of the gems that she shared with us in an effort not to take away from her tour, I will share ONE thing that she repeated,........


Thank You so much for sharing your light.

*Yes, I know that it says FREE but lets be honest nothing in life is ever free and most branding experts would charge at least $100 to give you alot less.... Sis, gave you the tools, food,etc...


  1. AWESOME!! Love women who are actively,genuinely helping each other grow,build and succeed!!! Great post as usual!!😘😘


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