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The $24.99 Ring.....

I really love post like these because it honestly shows peoples priories and could possibly help dodge some dating bullets depending  on the side of the fence you fall on..... 
Seriously, remember my $28 date post? 
 Its always so interesting and kinda humorous  to hear peoples perspectives because honestly the majority of millennials are all broke as hell due to college loans or just life at 30-something? 
As I scrolled through the responses I saw a lot of SINGLE women clowning the idea of men who would give his future bride such a small token of this affection, or even worse the woman who received it..... But why? 
Isn't the point to find a person who loves you enough to give you the commitment of a ring and to build from there?
I mean has social media ruined us so much that we see debt as a form as love? 
Please don't forget sis, that you will inherit his debt soon as you say 'I do' and it could be the difference between a 2 bd rm apt and a house.....

So I sat and thought back and thought could I, me,.... Cookii accept a $26.74 (this is including tax) ring from someone who is my forever....


But I'll be completely honest, at this point in life this $10 thang from Groupon (you know I LOVE Groupon) doesn't sound bad from the RIGHT person?

Now for those who know me personally (or think they do) I know they don't believe that I would or could take a $25 engagement ring.... But the older I get the less conventional I am about life, life events and of course more things in between... I mean in all honestly, what do I need my future to spend 5k on a ring for.....Unless we living in it? Shit, Offset put a half mill on Cardi's finger and she barely wears it...But does she have to? 

Yea, I used to have dreams of a super big event complete with a Patron fountain, large ring and live performance by Jodeci that honestly would have made the Wopsters look modest, but at some point (probably somewhere around 30,or when ALL my girls got married), I realized that I couldn't think of of 75-100 people that I would want to feed on my dime or needed to keep up appearances for.... I guess 'after 30 Cookii' could be very content with 30 tolerable people, some I do's on a beach in Santo Domingo, or maybe trading vows with my fiancée in some kicks (well a gorgeous heel in my case).... But in grand Cookii fashion, there will be a open bar and tacos, certain things are non-negotiables 

On second thought, I may still want to splurge on a live performance by Jodeci.... Its for the culture?

Judge your mother. 


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