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...... I am no ones 'girlfriend' and its okay.

  I don't know if the way I originally came across this video was shade from the universe, or divine intervention.....  However Ill take the latter on that one,lol....    But I actually watched this maybe a half a dozen times before deciding to repost it with my thoughts.. Klairkia confirmed some things that I had been feeling or realizing about myself as of lately, and honestly it has to be a case for most ladies at my age. We are often shamed into thinking that this path is not okay by our peers who have already settled or married, traditions that don't really fit our generation ( like lets be honest you can order pants,alchohol, groceries and find a hook up all from the palm of your hand, life is just not like it used to be),or just burdens from our past..... Shit, I was actually called 'emotionally unavailable' several times lately for expressing some of these exact sentiments .... And after hearing her speak, it confirmed what I knew....   I'

We made it through the first week of the new year We as millennial POC women of color are winning right now, we are educating ourselves, starting businesses, drinking water..... Just winning.... But to continue to win, there are a few things we gotta tighten up and most importantly give up in 2018.... Now brace yourselves,this is going to sound like a read session,ladies...... And it’s not.... Because I am honestly taking my own advice on ALOT of these so its easy for me to share... 18 Things to give up in 2k18 Standby for lots of the use of the words ‘sis’, ‘Beloved ‘ and few gay colloquialisms  (I’ll  address that in this post too) 1- Body shamming- Lets not do this in ANY form! We won't shame sis with the fake ass or the one with the double chin, both of y'all are beautiful..... If you want to get your ass done,gastic bypass or do it all au natural..... Love your best life, sis. 2- Acting like water, fruits,vegtables or books are kryptonite- Lets ta

The $24.99 Ring.....

I really love post like these because it honestly shows peoples priories and could possibly help dodge some dating bullets depending  on the side of the fence you fall on.....  Seriously, remember my  $28 date  post?   Its always so interesting and kinda humorous  to hear peoples perspectives because honestly the majority of millennials are all broke as hell due to college loans or just life at 30-something?  As I scrolled through the responses I saw a lot of SINGLE women clowning the idea of men who would give his future bride such a small token of this affection, or even worse the woman who received it..... But why?  Isn't the point to find a person who loves you enough to give you the commitment of a ring and to build from there? I mean has social media ruined us so much that we see debt as a form as love?  Please don't forget sis, that you will inherit his debt soon as you say 'I do' and it could be the difference between a 2 bd rm apt and a house..... S