Jay W. Lewis
11/29/1984- 11/06/2017

I told you that you were sent here to make the world a little bit more beautiful,
I left out the part where you loved, and made the most inappropriate jokes...
Its hard being in a world that still goes on with one less amazing ,funny person in it.
Over the past few weeks people have tried to comfort me telling me that you are in a better place, but honestly....Whats better than here with all of us? 
I guess I may be selfish in that aspect and I'm totally okay with that... 
But its hard to be here without my friend, my movie buddy, my dinner date, and of course my drinking partner.... 
Remember that time we met that vampire in that seedy ass gay bar,  the time you came to my graduation because my dad was sick in the hospital or that time I helped fray silk organza for your senior collection? 
You have blessed me with the example of true friendship and love... 
I won't ever be the same.

Ill love you forever 


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