3A's of Adulthood.....

If there isn't one thing I have learned as an adult (shit, I am an adult,aren't I?), is there is some serious power in the 3 A's adult interactions.....

What are the 3A's you ask? 
Well I'm glad you asked....

  • Acknowledgement -Acknowledging that you have hurt/upset/offended someone, while it may not have been the intention it happened, and face it so you can save whatever relationship be it business, romantic or plutonic (well if its worth it)
  • Accountability -Take accountability for it, don't just leave it for the there party to deal with it.... Our egos often get in the way of this party 
  • Apologize - There is sooo much power in apologies, because they are often unexpected simply because we are such slaves to our egos , others perceptions of us, and the need not to be seen as 'weak'

I have seen so many situations where if someone (and even myself, shit I'm not perfect) used the 3A'S , hell even one of them could have saved some situations and relationships honestly. But its something that us that just won't let us .

...And I guess thats the ego part?

Thats some dangerous shit.... An invisible thing that is essentially worthless yet can cost us so much in seconds...

Like I said before, I myself have fallen victim to my ego and have lost a few friends behind it, but i have to admit the ego (and logic) of 21-27 year old Cookii is way different than thirty-something (mind your business)Cookii, and if I could do it all over again, me being a Taurus I'd probably do things the same way....

Im a work in progress,
Judge ya mother.

But in all seriousness, I've said all this to say that life is short, love is real and if something so small as an apology can save a REAL friendship or love, just do it


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