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Can we have a moment of honesty? ..... Wait this is my blog, all of my moments are honest.... I digress...  How many times as millennials  do we get an invite to a party, wedding, housewarming, etc  and you could think of 22.7 things you would rather do then go to that event. I mean its not that you don't want to support the host for whatever it is... Its just that eating gelato out of the tub in you high school tee, and the basketball shorts (or hoodie) of your latest sexual conquest ( pause can we all thank God that my mom doesn't read this? ) honestly sounds way better for the mental  than the awkward forced conversation about why you aren't married/have no kids yet  between you and someone that you are purely familiar with on a Facebook 'like' level?  ... The Facebook 'like' level is that person that you always like their status, make empty promises of going out for drinks with for a belated birthday /happy hour, and the only reason why you
Me... 198? I often want to give up, but I remember that this kid....

3A's of Adulthood.....

If there isn't one thing I have learned as an adult (shit, I am an adult,aren't I?), is there is some serious power in the 3 A's adult interactions..... What are the 3A's you ask?  Well I'm glad you asked.... Acknowledgement -Acknowledging that you have hurt/upset/offended someone, while it may not have been the intention it happened, and face it so you can save whatever relationship be it business, romantic or plutonic (well if its worth it) Accountability -Take accountability for it, don't just leave it for the there party to deal with it.... Our egos often get in the way of this party  Apologize - There is sooo much power in apologies, because they are often unexpected simply because we are such slaves to our egos , others perceptions of us, and the need not to be seen as 'weak' I have seen so many situations where if someone (and even myself, shit I'm not perfect) used the 3A'S , hell even one of them could have saved some