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Confessions of a Bridesmaid pt 1

So one of the biggest honors in adult 'girl' world is asking your sisters ,besties, flossy posse, or whatever to be your bridesmaid....... And as if life as a (often) single, (super) broke millennial is not stressful costly enough.... via GIPHY You say yes    via GIPHY   You say yes to the next 12 months of spending a small fortune, starving yourself for a dress that you will never wear again (hell not that you want to wear it again), arguing about the difference between ivory, off white and eggshell , tending to about million GroupMe/Group text/pinterest boards all hours and times.... And why the hell do you torture yourself like this?  Because its some kinda sacred tribal ritual that women need some type of part in.....  (Im sure you are laughing at this point but Im so serious)    Wedding and specifically bridal parties bring the strangest behaviors in women, like its really some ole National Geographic type shit to watch, but its all based on