Dating....Talking.... Hell I don't know what to call it as a millennial

So I was having a very interesting conversation with a new friend about dating as a millennial ....
And I realized this shit completely for the birds.

No.... Like seriously....

People always want women who are 'good' women ,the ones who will hold you down,cook,be intelligent,caring,etc BUT have no desire to give her what she needs to maintain what she gives to them and/or relationship.... 
I mean if you buy a nice house, you have to pay to maintain that......right?
Like you hear people talk about I want a woman who does this,looks like this,etc..... but you have to wonder WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HER besides a seven minutes of weak stroke and endless apps at Friday's**?
(Yea, I said 'stroke' on my blog for the first time.... My mama doesn't read this lol) 

You want a cultured girl? Did you buy her a book or take her to a museum?
You want her to be intelligent? Did you put something on her tuition or books when she struggled to make it ? 
You wanted one that served you more than Hamburger Helper and Utz chips?*** Did you wash  the dishes or say thank you when she cooked?
You want her to be nurturing? Did you ever stop thinking of yourself, pour back into her after she has given so much to you and your dramatic shit? 
Being the 'strong' one is tiring, what about her hard time, bad news, and I guess you forgot she gets stressed, huh? 

Its confusing because we as a generation desire the love and commitment we see in our grandparents and celebrity couples, but run at the first sight of trouble (or when an ex calls for that matter), we are too cool to love/show emotion,everyone is a damn 'savage', no one goes on dates (they are just having casual sex arranged around a few happy hours) and everyone is in a 'situationship' (which isn't even a word, like my spell check is on fire right now and the red line bothers the hell out of me)

.......Our generation is so busy talking about #goals but not really willing to step up and  build to get to them?  

So I said all that to say ,wake me up when we are done with this emotionless ,emotionally damaging/draining, I-am-way-too-cool-to-let-you-know-I-like-you-but-Im-going-to-be-shitty-when-you-get-tired-of-my-shit-and-find-someone-to-love-you-like-I-should-have trend is over...... 
Because I desire the love, emotion, commitment,I am saying it and Im not too cool to either...... 
Come love on me, communicate with me,text me and tell me you miss me.... 
Im here for it

**No shade to Friday's though.... But just going to mozzarella stick me to death, sis.
***No shade to the ladies trying to cook, but sis stop this #cookingForBae shit,please.



  1. Yessssssss!!!!!! This is everything!

  2. I agree. Wholeheartedly. It's a interesting time we are in right now. I would also like to add it's not just the millennials, this mess is going with the old heads as well.