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Dating....Talking.... Hell I don't know what to call it as a millennial

So I was having a very interesting conversation with a new friend about dating as a millennial .... And I realized this shit completely for the birds. No.... Like seriously.... People always want women who are 'good' women ,the ones who will hold you down,cook,be intelligent,caring,etc BUT have no desire to give her what she needs to maintain what she gives to them and/or relationship....  I mean if you buy a nice house, you have to pay to maintain that......right? Like you hear people talk about I want a woman who does this,looks like this,etc..... but you have to wonder WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HER besides a seven minutes of weak stroke and endless apps at Friday's**? (Yea, I said 'stroke' on my blog for the first time.... My mama doesn't read this lol)  You want a cultured girl? Did you buy her a book or take her to a museum? You want her to be intelligent? Did you put something on her tuition or books when she struggled to make it ?  Y