'I don't fuck wit nigga that don't keep it pushing
You gotta be fucking wit niggas that's doing better, and better, and better, and better
Stop fucking wit niggas that's doing the same shit
I don't even go to niggas' birthday parties if they doing the same shit they was doing last year
Nigga, no. Been there done that. See ya pimpin
All I'm saying is, if you been selling weed since 1994 and you ain't bumped up to cocaine by 2006 nigga, maybe you need to become a Jehovah's Witness or a Real Estate Consultant
We tryna get it pushing round here. Life is too muthafuckin short '
- Katt Williams** 

So some of my best posts actually come from some of the best car conversations with my friends...

(Car conversations, you know the super deep candid conversations you have typically in a parked car?)

Anyways, as I was saying.... I was talking with a good friend about those who are still.

Yea, still.

Those who are still at the same job (and complaining about it)
Those who are still dating the same ain't shit person (who is still ain't shit)
Those who are still kicking it (lets party, but damn after we got some work done, I just can't chill on a Tuesday night, I gotta be at my desk at 9am, sus!)
Those who are still the same damn 2 credits from graduating (and these same damn 2 credits been holding them back for the past 6 years) 
Those who are still gossiping about other folks business (whats the last book you read?)

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being still if you are content.... You love your job (or hate it just enough not to really complain about it ),you love your partner (or they annoy you just enough where you don't kill them lol),etc

But why subject anyone to listen to your complaints about being still, if you not going to do anything about it? 
Like be really honest with yourself..... Your friends who are making moves are not trying to have their moods dragged down by attending your petty pity party.
If you think they do, you are lying to yourself, sis. 

While it is your friends jobs to uplift you, its not their job to listen to all your issues like they take insurance..... Or indulge in your pity party, and honestly misery loves company so if they are indulging in that shit, beware.... They may be happy you are miserable so they can have some company in that dark space.
And thats the company I DON'T want..... 

At this point in life, my entire inner circle is trying to move to the next level, be it a college degree (or obtaining another one), marriage, starting families,homeownership, careers,starting businesses, or just finding what makes them happy.
Their moves have not allowed me to be still, or in the area that I do feel that I am, I'm not content with it and Im working to get out of that space....... 
Hell, I feel like there is nothing wrong with being a follower in this aspect..... 
I want to be apart of this in crowd, I want to my circle to win, shit I want to win too honestly.

Now don't get me wrong, there will always be one or two in your circle that have no interest (too lazy, too scared, etc) to level up and yea maybe you should use digression  when approaching those kinds of situations....... But don't let it hinder your glow up...... 

x0x0 , Cookii

** Who would have known Katt Williams would have been so insightful in my adult life?


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