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The $28

So I was on IG a few days ago and stumbled across a very interesting post......    I reposted to my own social media to gather responses.... And I was slightly shocked. With the average millennial being so creative (and broke, lets be honest..we are broke ), I was looking for answers that were a little well.....different than what I got...Especially after the all posts about the '$200 date' and what all a woman would have to do to receive a $200 date.....  Now personally I have been on dates on the $100-200 range and some on the $20-40 range, (BIG difference I know) and contrary to popular belief I have had more fun on cheaper dates that have not required me to leave the comfort of my kicks and leggings ......... So since I LOVE a challenge (and saving some coins), I have created a list with links of $28 or less dates to take  Bae on this spring/summer 17.... You will thank me later.. Groupon (one of my favorite sites ever) has a comedy show for two ,
  Forget what you read about Cleveland a week ago... This is Cleveland. - Cookii 


'I don't fuck wit nigga that don't keep it pushing You gotta be fucking wit niggas that's doing better, and better, and better, and better Stop fucking wit niggas that's doing the same shit I don't even go to niggas' birthday parties if they doing the same shit they was doing last year Nigga, no. Been there done that. See ya pimpin All I'm saying is, if you been selling weed since 1994 and you ain't bumped up to cocaine by 2006 nigga, maybe you need to become a Jehovah's Witness or a Real Estate Consultant We tryna get it pushing round here. Life is too muthafuckin short ' - Katt Williams**  So some of my best posts actually come from some of the best car conversations with my friends... (Car conversations, you know the super deep candid conversations you have typically in a parked car?) Anyways, as I was saying.... I was talking with a good friend about those who are  still. Yea,  still. Those who are  still  at the same job (an