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  So for almost ten years, has been my home. This has been my confessional, my safe place.... My outlet to the world.... My quiet little corner where I could share my thoughts and feelings. And I have loved every bit of it  But it the time has come for me to expand my space. It is time for change and growth.... It is time for to move. In the spring, I will moving to a new and improved space. I will still keep but moving to a new beautiful space that will feature better content, photos, video, mobile friendly, etc.  I am so excited(and nervous) about my the relaunch of ... This is will still be my safe place, my confessional, my outlet to the world.... - Cookii

People will use you to escape their reality....

How often have we met someone with a life sob story that we indulge in only to get screwed over or even worse screwed up by their drama? Or better yet, how many times have we been involved in some type of relationship (friend or romantic) with an individual that enjoyed the peace,love and wellness that comes with being associated with us only for them to return to the hell or toxic behaviors that they were involved in (and probably content with) prior to experiencing our space..... Often leaving us (and our space) in shambles because they have used us as vacation space or a rehab to escape whatever their reality was that they are ultimately going to return to whether they plan to or not. We strive so hard to create spaces of peace and love for ourselves (and those closest to us) that we cannot be rehab centers for others when it takes from ourselves. I mean once we have saved, rebuilt and loved those who enter our shelter who does the same when they have destroyed our place?

Love Language ....

As #100daysOfCookii goes on, I have a lot of moments of self-discovery.... I was recently talking to a friend of mine and she told me, that part of my issue is that I don't how to be loved.... I know it sounds like an insane concept. Like how does a person not know how to be loved ? After it was broken down for me, I realized it....  I can say i honestly don't know how to be loved, how to be cared for, how to be catered to.....I am often just given trinkets because its assumed that its what I desire.... I am so caught up in my day to day, as the planner, the nurturer , the cheerleader, the lover that I honestly couldn't tell you the last time that someone did (or could ) do any of these things for me. I tend to naturally take this role because its partially just who I am. I care for my family, I was a manager at my previous jobs for many years, I pick the restaurants, the destinations for vacation.... This is who I am . So when I sat back and thought it abo

Behind the scenes....

I just had to give a quick behind the scenes look at my shoot with  Chaz .... And shout out to  Kelly  for my AMAZING make up, that lipstick was everything     Jumpsuit- Shoes-Jessica Simpson Bodysuit - Asos Curve Vegan Leather Joggers- Asos Curve