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Let me ask you something...

Yea, YOU.

If God (or whatever you believe in ) were to send you the ideal partner you asked for...

Would you even be prepared?

This is a question I have asked probably a half a dozen times because its a real question.... Are we really prepared for what we ask for? Or is this another case of 'be careful for what you wish for.. You might just get it'?

Like seriously, we ask for someone that we can love, who can love us, all while not being mentally, or financially  prepared for that individual? Do we continue being who we are despite not being what they need to maintain what we ask for or do we eventually step out our comfort zone to attempt to grow in the direction needed to cultivate the relationship we desire?

I say this, because I have been talking to a friend of mine (gotta love my friends, they are normally the source for most of my blogs),she recently broke up with a woman she had been seeing in an attempt to find herself ... But this was only after several months of incidents that damaged  her relationship with this young woman. She admits to having drop the ball a few times while she date someone she described as a 'good' woman and claims never having intentions on hurting her. So when I asked her why it took her so long to figure out what she needed, or why was doing this, when she spoke so highly of this lady, the one she said she prayed for....

She told me, she needed to find herself and didn't want to lose the girl. 

She said that she had indeed prayed for this girl, but just couldn't seem to stop messing up?

I sat and listened to her pour her heart about this woman who she had seemed to share some really good times with...... It was almost like she was sabotaging her own happiness with someone she asked for? Someone she honestly seemed to love and really loved her?

But why?

Was she a coward for running away from what she subconsciously wanted (and probably needed) or was she actually brave enough to sacrifice a relationship to save herself? Was she selfish for attempting to hold on to this woman knowing she couldn't give her what was needed of her? I am not sure which one it could possibly be, I guess it may actually just depend on who you may ask.

Which brings me to my original question....
Are we truly prepare to meet who we desire?

Or are we just infatuated with the idea of being #goals or whatever else our generation deems cool for the moment? Will we forever play the game of Romantic Russian Roulette with what we desire/need and what we commit to? Targeting those who have no interest in indulging in the destruction that we do?

I know it seems like Im asking a ton of questions, but stay with me 

I mean we have all asked ourselves or someone else for that matter these things at some point in our romantic lives....

So at what point do we just stop the madness and live in what we desire?


  1. This is interesting. Self should didnt prepare as much as possible for whatever your asking for


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