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100 Days of Cookii.....

Needless to say after ducking dodging the bad juju that was 2016, I had a super rough end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.... 

But I made it...

There were some (a lot) of tears, some (a lot) pain and a few (SEVERAL) bottles of wine

But I made it.....

And isn't that the most important part of it all?? 

So now that I have reached a point of calmness, and certainly a place of clarity, I have started to gain some type of insight of things I needed for the next 100 days and new year....

Oh no this is not one of those 'New Year, New Me' post.... 

But after investing so much of my 2016 in others, a previous occupation, and countless interactions that I know I had no interest in, I am dedicating the next 100 days to me.....
Yes, from January 9,2017 to April 18,2017, I am going to love on myself, refuse anything that I have no interest in or could possibly do me harm, and if I get a chance, kick the booze a little and eat some vegetables... And fruit that hasn't been soaked in tequila? 

Standby for the bullet points...... (You know I love those things )

  • Take two trips, due to my new work schedule.. I can actually get around to traveling like I used to 
  • Go out once a month,Cleveland is an amazing city that ALWAYS has something to do but I never take advantage of it.  
  • Read 4 books....
  • Dedicate one hour a day to me and something I love or will provide me some type of substance
  • Buy myself things and not feel bad..... I will literally not buy myself things I desire because I subconsciously think of others and their needs? 
  • Save some damn money, i know the bullet point above is a total contradiction.... And while I have gotten so much better about my saving habits, I know I could be doing so much more..... 
  • Put my phone down...... I couldn't possibly tell you how often I am trapped on the phone call or text with someone about something I could care less about (sorry to those who know me personally), It is so seldom that I utilize that dope feature on the iPhone.... You know 'Don not disturb'
  • Embrace natural me more often... I spend a lot of time (and money) purchasing services ad products that end up on the floor (we just won't talk about how many times Ive killed 'deadly spiders' that were actually Ardell lashes)
  • See at least one concert, I LOVE live music.... One of the best parts of 2016 was seeing Kayne and Gucci Mane.... And don't judge me but Im looking forward to catching the Backstreet Boys in Vegas (Judge ya mama) 
  • Commit to find  space for myself....
  • Cook more, while I am the Queen of take-out, I have gained some pretty dope culinary skills and to be honest when I get few pots and some trap music, I am my happiest. 
  • Tell two people I love them daily..... Sometimes the best way to serve ourselves is to put what we need in life out in the universe ourselves.....
  • Create my own final arrangements, I know it sounds super morbid however if 2016 taught us nothing, it taught us that we don't know when our number will be called...
  • Actually go to the gym..... I have a free membership, and I would like my physical to reflect my new found mental ...I love running and how cute activewear looks on
  • Invest more in ,I have some real loyal readers both new and old that deserve more from me..... Maybe even a little give away will come in April to celebrate the 100 days of Cookii

So here is to the next 100 days, my peace and new found space....

x0x0, Cookii


  1. ♡♡♡ I love it! I love you!

  2. Oh we can totally go to the gym! Love you and love this!

  3. AWESOME!! I'm excited for you!!😘


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