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Why do we subject ourselves to unhealthy social interaction?

Like seriously....

We all have a group of people that we feel like its mandatory to be around, be it family, or 'friends'..We feel obligated to interact at parties, baby showers, holiday gatherings, etc when we know we would rather be in pajamas under a blanket fort.

Yes, a blanket fort.....You gotta admit, it does sound kinda cool....

But instead we force ourselves into small talk with friends (and yes relatives too) ,that we know we want no parts of in our daily life. Countless conversations of catch up spilling information of new jobs, promotions, children's milestones (or even the lack of children), engagements, education and various other things that could be found on Facebook.

And for what?

So we can 'save face' or not come off insulting to whomever the host is or even fulfilling the social obligation.... And ruin our energy or space for it? 
I know you guys are probably thinking I'm being SUPER dramatic, but I'm really not....

Now think about it.

Every year, especially during the holiday season, you get dressed, head somewhere (that is NOT the grocery store for your usual weekend wine run),and brace yourself for an evening of awkward conversation, dry ass hors d'oeuvres and weak cocktails. You give fake laughs at horrible jokes, hold back from side eyeing the individual that points out how much weight you have gained since the last event and at the end of the night come home exhausted  from not saying exactly how you feel about party goers who invade your space and business.You know you didn't have a good time and you didn't need the purse full of cookies you came home with...... Like come on, they weren't even homemade cookies...

So this holiday season PLEASE  remember a few of my favorite tips on dealing with awkward social situations to save a little energy ....

  • Control all conversations; Keep the conversation on topics you feel are worth talking about and don't disclose anything that you don't want to (i.e. salary, relationships/ lack of, etc)no matter the pressure
  • Bring a wing man; Someone you can stand and want to have conversation with so others don't come over while you enjoy free food. 
  • Come early,Leave early; Come early or on time and socialize so your hostess doesn't feel slighted we you choose to depart early (because you have a cheap bottle of Moscato and The Mindy Project marathon waiting for you)
  • Don't be afraid of an 'Irish Goodbye'; When you are ready to leave....Do it, leave, don't say anything, it just makes it longer.
  • And if all else fails, and you know your spirit can't take another bogus party; DON'T GO ...Why do it? You don't want to and you know it.

So this holiday season, give the best gift of all......Peace
Know that you aren't required to be the life of the party, or hell even be at the party if you don't want to.... Its okay 

xoxo, Cookii 


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