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Dear Donald J. Trump ,
Based upon my observations of your incoming cabinet,I have come to the conclusion that my kitchen cabinet is more qualified than what you have going on.
Let's work together to make garlic great again ... xoxo,

PS unlike Brother West,I do not reside in Uncle Tom's cabin,so I will not be accepting any type of invites to find out about minority women,but I hear Stacy Dash is free.
Cookii's Caprese Meatloaf 
You will need.... 1lb ground chicken 1lb ground turkey  Pepper,Kosher Salt,Adobo (I put it on everything) Fresh Spinach Sun dried tomatoes Fresh mozzarella  Breadcrumbs Ketchup Gucci Mane's new album (no, seriously I enjoyed it)

Put layer of seasoned ground turkey on loaf pan, Place a layer of spinach,sundried tomatoes, then mozzarella , Put the seasoned ground chicken on top, Toss some bread crumbs on the top, Bake on 450 (I know sounds super high but my oven tries it) for about 45-60minutes  Spread ketchup on, half way through cooking..
Enjoy , x0x0 Cookii
Why do we subject ourselves to unhealthy social interaction?
Like seriously....
We all have a group of people that we feel like its mandatory to be around, be it family, or 'friends'..We feel obligated to interact at parties, baby showers, holiday gatherings, etc when we know we would rather be in pajamas under a blanket fort.
Yes, a blanket fort.....You gotta admit, it does sound kinda cool....
But instead we force ourselves into small talk with friends (and yes relatives too) ,that we know we want no parts of in our daily life. Countless conversations of catch up spilling information of new jobs, promotions, children's milestones (or even the lack of children), engagements, education and various other things that could be found on Facebook.
And for what?
So we can 'save face' or not come off insulting to whomever the host is or even fulfilling the social obligation.... And ruin our energy or space for it?  I know you guys are probably thinking I'm being SUP…