Wednesday sparked a lot of emotion in this country and while I typically stay pretty firm on the 3 I do not discuss in mixed company (politics,Beyoncé and religion )

.... I have to take the time out to tell this story..
There is a 10 year old boy who is learning the ways of life just like all of his peers... He goes to school, tries to stay out of trouble, plays video games, you know normal kid stuff..
On Wednesday morning he woke up stressed and upset...I know what stress could he be facing?
He found out that Donald Trump is going to be the president....
Well what does it matter, he is a kid?
This same ten year old child is now fearing that the president will harm his Mexican classmates.

And why wouldn't he??

I mean given the hate that has been spewed from this man AND his supporters,I think the thought is slightly accurate ?

I mean,personally I don't fear anything but snakes and spiders right now, in my lifetime I have seen several white presidents and even more racist white people... 

None the less I lived to tell the tale.

I fear for our future,I fear that a man can come in,openly contradict the things we instill in our children and they see him be rewarded for it... 
I'm sure you think I'm being dramatic,so let me give you some examples.....

We tell our young men,to be respectful of women....
Donald Trump laughs about grabbing women by 'pu**y'

We tell our children that it's okay to accept differences in each other,
He openly mocks the disabled and disrespects Muslims 

We teach our children about how our military protects us from those who want to harm us,
He disrespects gold star families.

And for all of this he is rewarded with the most powerful position in our nation? This sends the wrong message to our kids, our future voters.

In two years, I have watched the hate ,intolerance and bigotry increase, hell I even lost someone I thought was my friend.

If this is the greatness that is in store for this country,I'll pass

Ill pass on conversations about racism with those who had the ability to wake up yesterday and not be affected,
Ill pass on trying to justify why my life matters,
Ill pass on sheltering our future about the harsh realities,
But Ill also pass on letting someone effect my peace, manifesting anything but positivity, being fearful, or taking in anyones hate.


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