The Normal Ones...

So of course every good blogger has these super glam photos posted on their blogs and IG. Like they look like they literally "woke up like this".... So if you know me, the glam thing you know that is a super stretch..
I'm normal at this point in life, I prefer leggings, Jordans and hoodie every chance I get...
I have served my time in the club in 5-6 inch heels with the dresses short enough for my niece to wear.

So when I sat down with my good friend, Chaz about doing photos for my blog I know I was probably every photographers nightmare.

No, like seriously....

She asked about my ideas for my shoot, my visions, and I had nothing.. I mean I'm not a model?
I like cookies too much....My 'sexy face' looks like I have something in my eye,lol

So I did my own make up (scary, I know),
Wore two of my favorite items; a denim shirt from Torrid (that my boobs are apparently too big for), and a tulle skirt from Zellie For She,
And sat in front of the camera...

I sat just as who I am in real life, and what my blog is..
Kinda of a mess,
and slightly odd.

No filters, No crazy hollywood edits....
(Although I did ask for Chaz to photoshop in Teyana Taylor's abs from the 'Fade' video, Im still waiting to hear back on that one)

These photos are just me....And women just like me....
The plain girls who can't draw on their brows to save their life,
The girls who can't 'bake' their face, but can bake a cake....or buy one?
The girls who Netflix and Chill before it became a trend,
The girls who don't have perfect edges or twist out

This is for us... The normal ones

- Cookii

Special THANK YOU to Chaz from Destiny Fulfilled for the photos, and being an amazing friend