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So we are less than 30 days from Christmas....

And you have romantic interest but like most millennials you are kinda short on cash....

What do you do?
You read the rest of my blog for some pretty dope gift ideas and keep it under $100 .......

1. Cozy Kicks Slippers $35-50
How cute are these? They have a few different styles of Yeezy's and Jordan slippers for the more fashion forward 'Netflix and Chill' sessions,
Make sure you use coupon code TEAMCOZY to save on your order!

I know, I know... A book for Christmas?
I know people don't read anymore, (except you guys, you are still here) but DJ Khaled has made a total trend out of being positive, spiritual and living right. If his book is half as good as his restaurant in Miami Gardens, then it was money well spent

I ever tell you that Cleveland breeds greatness? 
Like no lie, this woman is super amazing with her line of clutches, prints, tees and home items that she painted herself inspired by Black pop culture. In this bundle you get any four sets of prints that come ready to hang. Sounds like a easy way to knock out 4 different gifts, if you ask me...

So I have a confession..
As much as I really dislike cats, I have had an obsession with this bank since I saw it on Facebook. This could be a really awesome gift for someone who loves cats, or someone like myself who loves pointless knick knacks that collect dust if they even make it out the box 

Now because I am from Cleveland, I'm naturally slightly bias in my thinking that this is a staple in everyones Christmas season. But it is a guilty pleasure of mine every holiday season, you know because they play in a 24 hour marathon....

6. Christmas Care Box
So I tend to be in a lot of long distance relationships, so the holidays often a struggle. But I love to make things fun and creative for whomever I'm dating.
Plus, who doesn't like getting mail? Especially when its mail filled with cutesy ,festive tasty things...

I know its really random..... But I mean who wouldn't want a Drake coloring book?

8. Pay a bill...
If all else fails, the stores are out of sweaters, and you are out of patience...
Pay a bill... 
Tuition, Cable, Verizon, Gas if you are feeling yourself..
A paid bill is the gift that keeps giving

So there it is, 8 pretty dope gifts for bae that will keep you sane (and debt free ) this holiday season..



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