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The Normal Ones...

So of course every good blogger has these super glam photos posted on their blogs and IG. Like they look like they literally "woke up like this".... So if you know me, the glam thing you know that is a super stretch.. I'm normal at this point in life, I prefer leggings, Jordans and hoodie every chance I get... I have served my time in the club in 5-6 inch heels with the dresses short enough for my niece to wear. So when I sat down with my good friend, Chaz about doing photos for my blog I know I was probably every photographers nightmare. No, like seriously.... She asked about my ideas for my shoot, my visions, and I had nothing.. I mean I'm not a model? I like cookies too much....My 'sexy face' looks like I have something in my eye,lol So I did my own make up (scary, I know), Wore two of my favorite items; a denim shirt from Torrid (that my boobs are apparently too big for), and a tulle skirt from Zellie For She, And sat in front of the ca
So we are less than 30 days from Christmas.... via GIPHY And you have romantic interest but like most millennials you are kinda short on cash.... What do you do? You read the rest of my blog for some pretty dope gift ideas and keep it under $100 ....... via GIPHY   1.  Cozy Kicks Slippers  $35-50 How cute are these? They have a few different styles of Yeezy's and Jordan slippers for the more fashion forward 'Netflix and Chill' sessions, Make sure you use coupon code TEAMCOZY to save on your order!   2.  The Keys By DJ Khaled  $18 I know, I know... A book for Christmas? I know people don't read anymore, (except you guys, you are still here) but DJ Khaled has made a total trend out of being positive, spiritual and living right. If his book is half as good as his restaurant in Miami Gardens, then it was money well spent   3.  Print Set Bundle By Kashmir  $75 I ever tell you that Cleveland breeds greatness?  Like no lie, th
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As a kid I was always super into the idea of MTV Real World's confessional box, I mean it was super cool how someone could just step in a room and release everything, then walk out. I started  years ago as a safe place for my words, thoughts, feelings.... for my personal release. Several years later, it is still just that,a place me to be somewhat awkward, offbeat but most importantly candid with the world from a little place in the Midwest.  This is my confessional box,  somewhere I can crack a few jokes, shed some light on something important to me or even vent . These are the confessions of a fluffy girl trapped in the Midwest........ x0x0,  Cookii Photo credit:  Chastity Morgan  

Kanye, Kanye, Kayne

'I'm tryna keep my faith But I'm looking for more Somewhere I can feel safe And end my holy war I'm tryna keep my faith'  -Kanye West   "Ultralight Beam" (feat. Chance The Rapper, Kelly Price, Kirk Franklin & The-Dream) Like the rest of the world, I have stood by on social media watching the demise of Kanye West's mental over the past few years.... I have written blogs defending him/ his art, and even went to his show in Cleveland in last month. I will admit I was slightly hesitant fearing that I would be subjected to a 45 minute Kanye rant about Nike, Adidas, the election or whatever may have crossed his mind.... I mean like Kanye's music, his art, his confidence, his love for his family.... But what I have noticed is the torture behind his art and how we as a people have used it for our personal amusement or dismissing it instead of embracing the purple elephant our community, people of color's mental health. 
Wednesday sparked a lot of emotion in this country and while I typically stay pretty firm on the 3 I do not discuss in mixed company (politics,Beyoncé and religion ) .... I have to take the time out to tell this story.. There is a 10 year old boy who is learning the ways of life just like all of his peers... He goes to school, tries to stay out of trouble, plays video games, you know normal kid stuff.. On Wednesday morning he woke up stressed and upset...I know what stress could he be facing? He found out that Donald Trump is going to be the president.... Well what does it matter, he is a kid? This same ten year old child is now fearing that the president will harm his Mexican classmates. And why wouldn't he?? I mean given the hate that has been spewed from this man AND his supporters,I think the thought is slightly accurate ? I mean,personally I don't fear anything but snakes and spiders right now, in my lifetime I have seen several white presidents