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So summer is officially coming to an end :( 
I am actually getting bummed ,although I had some major challenges (death of my grandmother, romantic issues,death of a friend,changes at work,etc), I can't complain....Matter of fact this has been one of my better summers as an adult, and I am ready to see what the fall brings!
If you read my post a few months back, I made a summer bucket list and this is the recap of what happened..... 

  • See two concerts, So far I have tickets to the Bad Boy Reunion concert in Columbus,Ohio and I am super excited the company coming in to see it with me!! Hopefully the next show will either be Drake, Beyonce or DMX 
X- So in my defense, I had MAJOR plans to go see the OPENING NIGHT of the Bad Boy Reunion concert in Columbus with some AMAZING people...... And Diddy canceled, post breakup with Cassie......Oh I mean due to his shoulder. 
  • Fly on a plane
*** I took my first flight on Spirit Airlines (which is a story for another blog),but i made it to Miami..... In one piece.....barely
  • Go to a drive in movie 
X- So I actually didn't do this one because I just couldn't do the heat, but I feel like I have time to?
  • Plant something pretty
X- I don't know why I even put this on my list, I don't do yard work? 
  • Have a water gun/water balloon fight
X- Yea, totally didn't happen and due to this blow out.... Probably won't.
  • Get my hair braided; I am such a creature of habit, so I keep my bundles in all year long, but what better time to try a new do?   
X- So instead of the braids, I got my REAL hair straighten and cut it.... I'm actually rocking it and Im not mad at it,but this humidity ...Yea, Im totally mad at it.
  • Play in the water with my niece; So last summer it was way too cold to get her a kiddie pool, and she was super little. This summer, the kid is ready to play in EVERYTHING 
X- Due to the Princess's hectic social calendar and TiTi's work schedule, this one didn't happen.....

  • Go to a water park
X- Didn't happen, but I did go to this dope ass pool in Lakewood,Ohio? Super random... I know
  • Wear a two piece  
*** I rocked nothing but two pieces in Miami when I went in July and I loved it.

  • Go to at least one festival; Cleveland always has a ton festivals in the summer... Puerto Rican,Feast of the assumption, Gay Pride,etc 
***I made it to the 'Latin Cultural Festival', better known as the Puerto Rican festival with some good friends.
  • Enjoy a dinner outdoors; I don't do bugs...Nor do I eat outdoors, because I hate heat,but why not? 
*** I had the pleasure of having some pretty nice meals in Miami outdoors, and if you ever went to Miami you will know that almost all meals are outdoors. My favorite was probably the boozy drag brunch at the Palace.
  • Buy some flowers for someone 
*** I got to buy flowers for my new department 
  • Go to a baseball game; With Cleveland still partying after our first ring in like 50+ years, maybe the Indians will take it to the World Series......   
*** I made it to a game, and they won!! And shout out to Progressive Field for serving margarita

  • See two movies 
  • Go camping..... And by camping I mean like a tent in my back yard or a cabin with running water or something  
X- So glamping is still a possibly for the upcoming summer, since it didn't happen this summer...I feel like it could happen this winter, you know Boys ll Men 'Let it Snow' feel? 

  • See the sunrise; I want to wake up early with someone I love, greet the sun, and probably go back to bed...LOL 
X- So due to the fact that my partner in crime, is totally NOT a morning person, part of this did not happen... But I was able to take in a sunrise on my own and promptly went BACK to sleep.
  • Actually use my super cute new camera that I got for my birthday instead of my iPhone;I want to go back to a simple time in life when we actually kept memories,and didn't just delete them from Facebook. 
X- So I have carried this camera with me almost everywhere I have been this summer, and haven't used it once!SMH....
  • Read two books ; Right now, I am actually reading 'Every little step' by Bobby Brown....Not a bad read just long lol  
*** So I only made it through this one book, and just recently got two new books that I will be reading for the fall *wink*
  • Go on a picnic
X- So totally did not have a picnic this summer, however we did drink Wet Willies.... So its the same thing,right?
  • Walk 15,000 steps in one day; Connect with me on the Fitbit!! I love the challenges  
*** According to my FITBIT I did 15,000 steps on June 17th!
  • Catch fireflies in a mason jar, I remember doing this as a kid....I don't even know why we did it, but we did? 
X- Now I'm not even sure why I put this one on my list, not only is it kinda inhumane, but I didn't like bugs as a kid!
  • Enjoy an evening in the city.....And by city, I mean my home.....CLEVELAND 
*** I got to walk around downtown the same night I went to the Indians game, and show of the place I love.
  • Go on a road trip 
*** I got to go on TWO road trips with one of my favorite people to see some of my favorite people!!! Congrats to my big bro and new sister in law on their wedding.

  • Go to a flea market or open air market 
X -Between traveling and a recent promotion, the closest I made it to an open market, was Whole Foods.


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