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This is CLE


I am firm believer in reflections and the power of them..... Are they always completely accurate about the person? Well, no... Do they hold a lot of power? Yes. You are a reflection of your job. Perfect example,post something racist or hateful on Facebook while your job is listed on your profile on Friday night.... You can almost guarantee that they will fly someone in from HR on Monday to fire you. Your five closest friends are a reflection of you.... They may not always be a complete accurate reflection of you... But they are most often the average of you...They could be a reflection of where you were, where you are or where you want to be? In my case a few of my closest friends are still able to party, few are getting slapped by life, and others are trying to buy homes and pay for weddings. You are a reflection of your parents.... You may be 35, but trust and believe that the fact you do not say 'please' and 'thank you'