If you aren't angered by the fact that unarmed black people are being murdered,
Or that it is being caught on video for the world to see,

Be angered by the fact that your tax dollars enable the bullshit.

Yea, I said it.
Be upset that the same cops that are killing unarmed tax paying citizens, and going on PAID administrative leave.....
That's right YOU,the taxpayer pays for administrative leave (or paid vacation), and the large pay outs from the city to the family (because lets be honest there are way more checks than trials).

Tamir Rice $6 million paid by the city of Cleveland,
Eric Gardner $5.9 million by the city of New York,
Lets just wait to see what the families of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland,and the countless others murdered at the hands of the police get,because once again there are more trials than checks.

If you aren't outraged by unarmed people being murdered, be outraged by your tax dollars paying for it.


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