With 'cuffin season'** being on the horizon, I am really going to make this post for the fellas (and lady fellas) that read my blog..... 

Yea, like all 4 of you guys, lol.

I have been talking to a few of my guy friends about their relationships (or lack of),type of women they date,and the situations they land in. In my conversations I realized one thing.... The right woman is harder to find than a damn Pikachu. 

So through my conversations, I discovered a few common issues among my friends.... 
They aren't all dogs (a lot of them are just clueless), some have their head on straight (just with the wrong women),some don't know where their head is, and then others know nothing about women?

But a lot of them really had difficulty understanding women, and why things play out they way they do with them.... So I have created a cheat sheet (in my opinion) of where to win with women....Hell maybe some of it will work with men too, I don't know....

  • Find a woman who won't let you do whatever you want to do; yea you think she is controlling but she could actually care enough about you to save you from YOU .
  • If you are looking for a different kind of woman, be prepared for different types of battles; what works with what you have dated in the past, probably won't work with your present situation. So realize she is the change, and respect it......
  • Date a woman who will buy you socks and draws; yea those fresh Jays she bought you last week were kinda dope,but you been dating her longer than 3 months and she letting you walk around in the same old polo draws that look like they have gun shots in them....... She doesn't care about you,and she will never love you........ No seriously
  • If you going to stop courting her, don't start; be real if you have no intention of maintaining the courting habits that you create in the early stages of a situation that you did to get her, then don't start them.... Which honestly goes for ladies too (home girl, you didn't sleep in the dingy bonnet when you first started dating,don't put that thing on 90 days in!
  • Stop listening to your homies; I say this about women all the time, that we need not listen to our single girl friends,and dudes are NO different. If the homies are still out there quoting Hov, 'Me give my heart to a woman?/Not for nothin', never happen/I'll be forever mackin',not realizing that even he had to hang that one up and get married to a beautiful woman who had his child,than they aren't the right audience for relationship conversations....
  • Stop dating the same woman and expecting different results; I don't mean literally the same woman, but the same type of woman. Everyone has a type and that is totally fine,I mean this is possibly what separates us from the animals. BUT stop dating that type,the situation fails and you wonder what happened...Homie, you are allergic to that type,try something new.
  • Find a woman who wants more from you and keep her; if she isn't interested in you settling in life, why are you? She thinks more of you,than you think of yourself..... Change it up!
  • Date a woman who can have conversation about sneakers and world events; I mean if that is your interest, find a woman you can have layers on conversation with.......Not just one with a few deep post on IG
  • Quit with the ones the look good, and find you a good look; not every girl is model pretty, has time to keep her nails done,has a super tiny waist,has super long hair and you know what? Neither does your mama But you love her and she is a good look.

Seems super simple right??  
However, in my conversations I've realized that we are creatures of habit and often scared to change what we see as the norm. So while my list sounds super easy and comical, changing the way we view our romantic conquest will be an ultimate challenge due to previous situations, heartbreaks,even down to the relationships our parents had during our childhood.

We are the ones who can change our cycle, we create our love and we damn sure create our happiness (and our misery), while we cannot control heartbreak, we can try to regulate some of it.

**Cuffing Season
During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be "Cuffed" or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.



  1. Yea..spot on!! Now send this to all the menfolk u know including bd