With all the negative going on in the world this summer.....
The bombings, the massive club shootings,RNC in Cleveland, the killing of unarmed black men, and Donald Trump as a actual nominee to be president....

Gucci Mane first album since being home from jail might have to be the best thing to happen this summer next to the Cavs winning the championship? 

I mean, you gotta admit... He does look great, new teeth and all

 And he dropped a dope album in less than 90 days of his homecoming......
Which is crazy because in this era of hip hop, most rappers can only give you one good song, the hell with a entire album.

Now this may not be major for most of my readers, which I get. But this man is easy in my top 5 favorite southern rappers,I mean all the way back to 'Icy',right up to all the mix tapes he released from prison! He is one of the legends of trap music, he is the Guwop.

Welcome Home, Gucci


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