A Message To My Future Son

Dear Karter,
It will be a few years before we meet, I wanted to take time to let you know about life before you......
Although you may not see them at family cookouts or on our family tree…
Trayvon,Jordan,Freddy,Alton ,Eric,Philando, and Micheal are your uncles …
Bad people murdered them because they were scared of them ,because they were just like you,Kings. Some of these bad people who hurt them, are the same ones who were hired to protect them. I’m not sure why they feared your uncles or if I’ll ever have answer… But know that the world will be a very different place by the time you get here, hopefully for the better?
I can't tell you not to listen to loud music or buy skittles at night, I can't tell you not to ever sell single cigarettes or CDs to help provide for your future family. 
I know its hard to understand, bad people were hired to to protect people like me and they kill them? These bad people don't go to jail? Its the way of the world right now..... I can't explain it, because I honestly don't understand it myself.
I can tell you that they don't see the value in you....Probably never will, but don't ever let that break you. We see value in you. Use the things from my generation as the strength to break these chains,don't be scared, create change, be the change....... 

**07/07/16, I had to update a name on this entry due to ANOTHER UNARMED BLACK MAN being murdered in less than 48 hours**


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