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With 'cuffin season'** being on the horizon, I am really going to make this post for the fellas (and lady fellas) that read my blog.....  Yea, like all 4 of you guys, lol. I have been talking to a few of my guy friends about their relationships (or lack of),type of women they date,and the situations they land in. In my conversations I realized one thing.... The right woman is harder to find than a damn Pikachu.  So through my conversations, I discovered a few common issues among my friends....  They aren't all dogs (a lot of them are just clueless), some have their head on straight (just with the wrong women),some don't know where their head is, and then others know nothing about women? But a lot of them really had difficulty understanding women, and why things play out they way they do with them.... So I have created a cheat sheet (in my opinion) of where to win with women....Hell maybe some of it will work with men too, I don't know.... Find a woman


With all the negative going on in the world this summer..... The bombings, the massive club shootings,RNC in Cleveland, the killing of unarmed black men, and Donald Trump as a actual nominee to be president .... Gucci Mane first album since being home from jail might have to be the best thing to happen this summer next to the Cavs winning the championship?  I mean, you gotta admit... He does look great, new teeth and all  And he dropped a dope album in less than 90 days of his homecoming...... Which is crazy because in this era of hip hop, most rappers can only give you one good song, the hell with a entire album. Now this may not be major for most of my readers, which I get. But this man is easy in my top 5 favorite southern rappers,I mean all the way back to 'Icy',right up to all the mix tapes he released from prison! He is one of the legends of trap music, he is the Guwop. Welcome Home, Gucci


If you aren't angered by the fact that unarmed black people are being murdered, Or that it is being caught on video for the world to see, Be angered by the fact that your tax dollars enable the bullshit. Yea, I said it. Be upset that the same cops that are killing unarmed tax paying citizens, and going on PAID administrative leave..... That's right YOU,the taxpayer pays for administrative leave (or paid vacation), and the large pay outs from the city to the family (because lets be honest there are way more checks than trials). Tamir Rice $6 million paid by the city of Cleveland, Eric Gardner $5.9 million by the city of New York, Lets just wait to see what the families of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland,and the countless others murdered at the hands of the police get,because once again there are more trials than checks. If you aren't outraged by unarmed people being murdered, be outraged by your tax dollars paying for it.
I learned to speak at an early age, Since I was tiny I have always had a alot to say, From on topic to another, I have had what I have believed to be an honest opinion, Today... Right now..... I have nothing. #weAreMoreThanAHashtag #blackLivesMatter #stopKillingUs

A Message To My Future Son

Dear Karter, It will be a few years before we meet, I wanted to take time to let you know about life before you...... Although you may not see them at family cookouts or on our family tree… Trayvon,Jordan,Freddy,Alton ,Eric,Philando, and Micheal are your uncles … Bad people murdered them because they were scared of them ,because they were just like you,Kings. Some of these bad people who hurt them, are the same ones who were hired to protect them. I’m not sure why they feared your uncles or if I’ll ever have answer… But know that the world will be a very different place by the time you get here, hopefully for the better? I can't tell you not to listen to loud music or buy skittles at night, I can't tell you not to ever sell single cigarettes or CDs to help provide for your future family.  I know its hard to understand, bad people were hired to to protect people like me and they kill them? These bad people don't go to jail? Its the way of the world right now..