Open letter to Tyla....

May 2016

Dear Tyla,

Congrats on your senior year, baby girl! 
Senior year is a time that you have fun, create memories, and enjoy the final moments of 'childhood' before going to college, and joining 'the real world'.........

I am sorry someone ruined that.

I am sorry that someone ruined that moment, your time to shine,something YOU worked for.

I am sorry this world is so cruel....

I am so sorry that young women your age have to not only worry about your peers being mean on social media, but grown men preying on you (and your self esteem for that matter).

I am sorry that this man hates himself so much that he has to pick on a child .....

But take this as a lesson about the real world, take this a chance to change the world....

Yes YOU!

There are so many young Queens who are scared.... Scared to go to prom, scared to wear beautiful dresses, to show their arms, scared to SLAY..... 

But YOU did it..... Hair, make up, dress....You turned it!

See, Tyla you have been on my mind so heavy for the past few days.... I cried real tears watching this man defend his need to be cruel to you... 
Yea, I cried, like you were my baby sister.. And truth be told, you are.... Because I know what it is like to be the girl who is bigger than everyone else, that girl who doesn't look like her friends,that girl who struggled to find a prom dress in the plus size section,etc. 
For days I am sure people have been telling you 'ignore the haters', but lets be honest, words hurt.... And I refuse to tell you that 'it will be okay', because it may hurt for a while,and that's ok...However what I will tell you is, that you can't let this break you. There are a whole community of women who look like you ,are making money, dating,and SLAYING life far better than some clown who proclaims to be the 'Black Brad Pitt'..... Trust me Tess Holiday, Mia Amber Davis (RIP),Gabriel Sibide,Essie Golden and many others have dealt with some social media clowns, but while they are laughing behind a screen and keyboard, these ladies are laughing with a comfortable account.

Don't be broken, baby girl!


'Your body is your temple, it's your home, and you must decorate it.  '

-Gabourey Sidibe


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