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Posh Parties

So for my birthday dinner, I knew I needed an AMAZING cake...I reached out to  Posh Parties by Paula  because Paula had done the cake for my boss's baby shower... I gave Paula, my vision for my birthday and she executed it perfectly! She gave me the most fast responses, affordable treats and amazing service. My guest loved the creativity and taste of Paula's treats! Now I am looking for the next event to call her ! Thank you, Paula!!!!

Friends....How many of us have them?

friend noun 1. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. Where exactly do adults find friends?  I mean as an child, you find a see another kid on the playground with the same pink sneakers you have and you ask them if you want to play.....And its instant friendship But as an adult, certainly as a woman, where do you go or what do you do (without looking like a uber creep)to find a friend? I mean where do women over the age 25 go to foster lasting platonic relationships with other women? As professionals,you spend lots of time with coworkers who often make connections with but also as professionals, you can't really open up as your true self. There are former love interest,they often know you best, but this could open the door to complications with present lovers. Or the friends we have had forever, the ones who have one more harm than good to us, but we keep them around

So this is 30......

Okay so 80's babies (and some 90's kids) may remember this.... Remember in 1999 when everyone was so freaked out about y2K? Everyone's parents started to freak out, buying up bottled water,canned goods and bullets(maybe that last one was just my dad,but you get my point)..... People really thought that the computers were going to shut down, the world would come to an end or whatever.. That's exactly how 30 is...... Sorry to ruin it kids. For the past few months, I have been trying to wrap my mind around 30 and the possibilities around it.. Or what I think should be happening to me rather? Or what I believe I should be doing...... And then May 4th,2016 came around, much like December 31, 1999 , I went to bed that night not knowing what may happen at midnight... So midnight came, and the world didn't come to an end... The computers didn't stop working... I didn't need bottle water, well not until the following day because all that tequil

Open letter to Tyla....

May 2016 Dear Tyla, Congrats on your senior year, baby girl!  Senior year is a time that you have fun, create memories, and enjoy the final moments of 'childhood' before going to college, and joining 'the real world'......... I am sorry someone ruined that. I am sorry that someone ruined that moment, your time to shine,something YOU worked for. I am sorry this world is so cruel.... I am so sorry that young women your age have to not only worry about your peers being mean on social media, but grown men preying on you (and your self esteem for that matter). I am sorry that this man hates himself so much that he has to pick on a child ..... But take this as a lesson about the real world, take this a chance to change the world.... Yes YOU! There are so many young Queens who are scared.... Scared to go to prom, scared to wear beautiful dresses, to show their arms, scared to SLAY.....  But YOU did it..... Hair, make up, dress....You turned it!