If that's what you like.......

I  talking to a friend and she told me about this man she was seeing. She told me about a conversation she had with him about love, life and relationships..... I listened to both sides of the conversation and it really made me think....

Are we the reason for our romantic failures?

The man told her about how he was attracted to her because she was different from all the women he had dated before,how all the women he met prior were all the same and just not really for him....

My friend (who is honest to the T),stopped him in his tracks and asked him 'is that what you are attracted to ?I mean since you keep attracting the same woman?'

Which made me think about how often people have set types,  still remain single or romantically struggling.

Are we actually hurting ourselves with what we THINK we like?

I mean realistically how is it possible that we keep going for the tall, dark, handsome, drug dealer type if that isn't what actually works for us?

Could it actually be possible that the short guy with the medium build and the scuffed up shoes is actually what is good for us, actually the man who is our dreams.....

Like be serious with yourself, do you really enjoy the pretty boy, uneducated, gangsta type?

Can you see the future with him? Kids? Retirement?

So why date him after age 20? Hell dating after 25-29 really isn't for leisure when you really think about it?

So are we so caught up with attracting the same thing ....and complaining about it? 

And if this is the case than how do we change this cycle of craziness?

How many of us are willing to step out what we think is best to try something better in a effort to give up the bullshit?

Or are we even capable of doing it?


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