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I never tho ught going t o the ladies room was ever a luxury? I mean, truth be told, I thought it was a right? You know, I have to go in a public place, and I go...I mean there are case when you have to buy something because only customers can use it, but otherwise, its pretty standard to just ...go. Well recently a certain state government has taken it upon themselves to almost strip that right away from a group of people , and as usual ,due to ignorance there are citizens who are okay with it.... House Bill Two wants to ban people from using the restroom of the opposite sex of their birth....However it does not create gender neutral spaces nor does it protect LGBTQ people in 'assigned spaces' against violence (from my understanding). So whats the big deal? The big deal is the way the media and some politicians have worded it, it makes it some like trans women are pedophiles who are waiting to harm our children.... So as I am reading peoples thoughts and opinions o
'Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams' - Kanye West
I could tell you about the time that I got in trouble for playing with my mom's 'Purple Rain' 45, I could also tell you the time that I thought 'Most beautiful girl in the world' was written about my cousin, Or the time I was scared of the 'Batdance' video . They made me cover my eyes when you wore those ass out pants. Mom bought 'Emancipation' on cassette tape,and we listened to all three tapes on our road trips in her 1992 Dodge Colt...  I loved your music so much, I named our family dog after you. I have so many fond memories of you, and we never even met. Heaven is going to have the best welcome concert..... Thank you for sharing your soul with us.  

If that's what you like.......

I  talking to a friend and she told me about this man she was seeing. She told me about a conversation she had with him about love, life and relationships..... I listened to both sides of the conversation and it really made me think.... Are we the reason for our romantic failures? The man told her about how he was attracted to her because she was different from all the women he had dated before,how all the women he met prior were all the same and just not really for him.... My friend (who is honest to the T),stopped him in his tracks and asked him 'is that what you are attracted to ?I mean since you keep attracting the same woman?' Which made me think about how often people have set types,  still remain single or romantically struggling. Are we actually hurting ourselves with what we THINK we like? I mean realistically how is it possible that we keep going for the tall, dark, handsome, drug dealer type if that isn't what actually works for us?


If I have learned nothing in almost thirty years of life, I have learned that growth is inevitable. You grow taller (and sometimes wider), You grow out of clothes and trends (and be honest you didn't really want to wear that Spice Girls t-shirt from middle school anyways.....) You grow apart from friends (and sometimes lovers)..... But growth is a sign of being alive, and truthfully progression.... Or at least it should be. I had a long talk with a good friend of mine about the progression he wants for himself in the next two years and the steps he is taking to make these things happen..... Which made me really happy because so often we get caught up in circles of people who plan to (turn up), but no plans to grow.... I've watched him grow from a some what shy guy with the nice smile to a great man with career goals and ambitions.... This mornings conversation was certainly comforting because of my own struggles with the direction of my growth.... I often battle wit