Last night....

Last night I was ridding home after the Beyonce and Bruno Mars concert (the Super Bowl) with a close friend of mine discussing friendship and falling out with good friends......

My friend had a falling out with a good friend some time ago, and had received a message in attempt to maybe reconcile their friendship......My friend said 'Cookii, what do you think? '

I stopped and plainly said 'Why are we so willing to forgive the same tired ass romantic interest,but when we fall out with a GOOD friend, we act as if they are so disposable ?'

This really seems to be a common practice, especially with women.... We have what is normally a small or not so small disagreement over something that is probably not worth throwing away the years of good friendship. 

I can't lie, I've done this and still currently learning to handle it honestly.

So instead of confronting your friend to hash all the dumb stuff out, we take to social networking to make a string of sub tweets/status/posts or talking to a mutual party about the situation often spilling every annoying/stupid/shady/phony thing your 'friend' has done in the course of the friendship (that you never commented on and bottled up). 


As all of this is going on, you are still forgiving the same tired ass romantic partner for doing all the cheating,lying,etc they do. 


Why are we so quick to sever ties with someone we have shared the best and worst moments of our lives so quickly, yet we will knowing lay next to someone we have to battle to tell the truth.......

Why do we value romance more than friendship?

Especially when we know we need a friend after we end our toxic romantic relationship that was doomed anyways, I mean who else but that friend is going to run to our rescue at 2 am with a bottle of wine and tell us 'He (or she for that matter) ain't shit anyways...'


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