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Last night....

Last night I was ridding home after the Beyonce and Bruno Mars concert (the Super Bowl) with a close friend of mine discussing friendship and falling out with good friends...... My friend had a falling out with a good friend some time ago, and had received a message in attempt to maybe reconcile their friendship......My friend said 'Cookii, what do you think? ' I stopped and plainly said 'Why are we so willing to forgive the same tired ass romantic interest,but when we fall out with a GOOD friend, we act as if they are so disposable ?' This really seems to be a common practice, especially with women.... We have what is normally a small or not so small disagreement over something that is probably not worth throwing away the years of good friendship.  I can't lie, I've done this and still currently learning to handle it honestly. So instead of confronting your friend to hash all the dumb stuff out, we take to social networking to make a string of sub t


  I love everyone ....  But that is honestly one of my biggest flaws... I often don't create boundaries with people because I think they 'need' me.... My exs, family,friends..... You name it....  I can be very passive aggressive.... I will stop speaking to a person or ignore a situation until I have decided I am over it,instead of just telling someone ... 'Hey you are being an asshole and it's really upsetting me' or 'Please don't contact me until you are done being completely f**ked up. You and your bullshit is dimming my light' I realized that I was more concerned with not hurting someone or being there for the next person that I was hurting myself and not giving me what I needed...... One of my #thirtyX30  is the gift of space.... I am reclaiming my citizenship of the United States of Ash. I am taking back my mental space, and looking for new physical space. I worry about people I love ...  But when I realized th