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As I am writing this, I officially have 94 days,10 hours,39 minutes and 39...38.. seconds until my 30th birthday... But who is counting? Like a lot of millennial women I suffer from an internal 'thing' about turning 30,my place in life,career,etc... The days of invites for evenings at clubs and bars are slowly starting to be replaced with group chats of wedding/baby shower registries or themes for showers and evenings out are carefully planned around careers and needs for sitters....Which isn't a bad thing. Crazy... Ain't it? As my childhood friends enter their 30's with babies, husbands and mortgages, where does that leave me? I am (legally) single with no children, a pretty descent job, writing in a dark room during a Law and Order marathon, thinking about finishing off a bottle of wine from the other day......... Judge your mother on that last part.... But I can't complain about my life.I have a pretty good job that could be a career if I re


As the holiday season approaches there is always one person who needs to feel the need to disturb 'Peace on Earth'.....  What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than to add another meaningless 'problem' to Western culture? Instead of encouraging his followers to do good deeds,feed the homeless ,be gentle with their fellow man, 'Evangelist' Josh Feuerstein is waging a 'war' against a coffee company about a RED cup... Yes a cup...I said it..... A RED CUP    Me with my co-workers red cup,my nails aren't done- sue me  To be honest, I don't drink coffee and prefer red solo cups with Patron in them.