Waiting on the world to change...

I never blog about my experiences at work but well you know..... 
No one wants to hear about work....
But today was a little different?

Today I was crying (at work) because one of my favorite customers (who is a muslima and woman of color ) came in without her hijab ….. 
I didn’t even recognize her?

I turned around and said ‘Sister?’ (Which is her normal greeting between her and myself/our female staff) 
I was so happy to see her but shocked to see that her normally covered beauty was being reveled to our western world on a cold Saturday… I immediately asked her where her hijab was, because I was worried….

She went to the store this morning and a stranger approached her cursing and threatening her while she was with her 3 year old daughter .
Her husband insisted that if she went out it would be without her hijab (something she wears proudly )due to the current climate of the world. 

I bent down to talk to her little girl and made her 'promise to take care of mama because she needs it’ with tears in my eyes and hopes that she never remembers that racist fuck boy who saw fit to threaten her mother in front of her…. I looked at the woman and assured her if she needed ANYTHING while shopping with us or if ANYONE said ANYTHING to her while she shopped to contact me immediately…..

After I went back to the office,I played the conversation back in my head and realize despite the subject of her story,that woman smiled the whole time she told it to me….. She is always such a spirited woman,with a warm smile on her face and greets most of my female staff with hugs …. We know her,she shops with us,we play with her baby…. It makes me sick to know someone could possibly look at her with a malicious intent …

But I just don’t get why people are so stupid and hateful … 
I guess it isn’t for me to understand ?


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