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Why I need to stay off BuzzFeed

I am the one person who will see one of those cute little videos on how to make something on BuzzFeed, go to my kitchen and try it....
So I saw this video on Cheeseburger cups,and tailored it a little bit.

I used almost all the same ingredients, except with ground turkey,no brown sugar and a sharp white cheddar (I am SUPER picky about cheese).
They were kinda ugly in the oven.....Don't judge them
I felt like I couldn't get the meat far enough down in the cup?

This is the finished product, some of them are a little dark because I don't like doughy biscuits and had to make sure they were done and crispy! I am seriously considering trying other puffs as well, like buffalo chicken, and taco?
I ended up calling them 'Cheeseburger Puffs' because they were more puff than cup when I made them..... You can add some tasty toppings if you like (bacon, lettuce,pickle,tomato) .
But they were super easy,fast (maybe 45minutes to make if that) and soo tasty!

Waiting on the world to change...

I never blog about my experiences at work but well you know.....  No one wants to hear about work.... But today was a little different?

Today I was crying (at work) because one of my favorite customers (who is a muslima and woman of color ) came in without her hijab …..  I didn’t even recognize her?
I turned around and said ‘Sister?’ (Which is her normal greeting between her and myself/our female staff)  I was so happy to see her but shocked to see that her normally covered beauty was being reveled to our western world on a cold Saturday… I immediately asked her where her hijab was, because I was worried….
She went to the store this morning and a stranger approached her cursing and threatening her while she was with her 3 year old daughter . Her husband insisted that if she went out it would be without her hijab (something she wears proudly )due to the current climate of the world. 
I bent down to talk to her little girl and made her 'promise to take care of mama because she needs it’ with…


So in August I went to Miami to close out the amazing summer I had and for the first time in like 20 years I wore a real two piece! 

Top- Monif c  Bottoms - Lane Bryant  Pants- Asos Curve 

Top - Lane Bryant  Bottom - Lane Bryant Pants - Asos Curve 

I had fun,felt pretty,natural face and confident .... I actually walked down Ocean dr. showing skin ! 
Suit -Monif C Pants - Asos Curve 

I can't wait on our next adventure ...

You just can't take her.....

I tune in every Wednesday night to get my fix of Luscious , Cookie and the rest of the crew like every other black household...   Its my guilty pleasure... Sue me
But to my surprise last week, Becky (played by the beautiful G. Sibide) had a serious love interest.... And just as I was enjoying the moment of a LARGE, BLACK woman who was no model was on TV winning, social media wasted no time tearing her down with memes and Facebook status'.
This morning I was asked 'Why are they hating on her?' by someone very close to me who happens to be much smaller and now finds attraction to bigger women...... And I started to get angry, I mean I have scrolled past this same meme over and over since the episode aired last week, but I honestly thought about WHY it was created.
My first issue is the fact anyone takes time out their day to shame a FICTIONAL character..... Like y'all do know that Becky isn't real, and she wasn't really having sex on a rooftop?
My next issue is the f…

I love this JUNK

Everyone knows I am a faithful student at YouTube University  and this semester I am taking 'How to Beat Your Own Face And Use Some Of That Damn Make Up You Keep Buying And Not Using 101' taught by none other than Prof. Fashn Junkie.

She gives super amazing (and simple) fun looks that she has created or recreated for any level artist. FJ is a self taught artist whose work has been seen in numerous fashion shows,fashion shoots,weddings,etc. Another thing I really love about her is, she doesn't use dumb expensive product to create looks that can be made with drug store make up and creativity. 

Get into this JUNK.

Work place holiday gifts ...

The holiday season is upon us... *sigh*
I have made the conscious effort not to let gift giving this year stress me (or my pockets) out! For the past almost 14 months I have lead an AMAZING team and been apart of a really dope management team. So I have been compiling the most affordable and thoughtful gifts that I can give 14-20 people and since I am so filled with the holiday spirit, I will share my list :)

1. An amazing longtime friend of mine,Erica created this cute little jars. She is selling these just in time for the holiday season, one for $25 or 2 for $45. For more information, please contact her here . 
2. In August I met a woman named, Anita who creates and sells her own natural skincare products. I bought the shea butter to use before bed....And I LOVED IT! Her products are safe, affordable and support small business! You can find her line of NATURAL lip butters, shea butters and soaps here . 
3. Every year its a struggle what to get the males at work for the holidays.... Like …