Straight out of Chicago

Earlier this summer a Chicago artist (A homie of mine)named,Kweli sent me some of THEE DOPEST bracelets ever.... When he told me he was going to send me one,I never expected these! I instantly fell in love ...

Kweli is the owner of a Chicago based company called, ShiKahGoh Designs. He specializes in handmade paracord and beaded bracelets. I think my favorite part of my bracelets were the unique beads which turn heads every time I wear them,to the the point of people wanting to buy them off me!

When I asked Kweli to give me a few words about his business he said ,'SHIKAHGOH312 is a Jewelry/Accessories brand based from Chicago, IL.We strive to Swag out your wrist game'

I have to say this one is my favorite,I'm sure you can guess why.....

Check out his shop here 
IG/Twitter- @shikahgoh312 


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