So like the rest of the word yesterday,I 'met' Caitlyn Jenner.....

Stunning, and confident were naturally the first adjectives that came to mind as I looked at her cover of 'Vanity Fair'....

As I scrolled my timeline looking at her beautiful and graceful poses, I was honestly in awe, that the uncomfortable Olympian was no longer a caterpillar but a beautiful butterfly.....She had done what she thought was the right thing by providing and fathering  the Jenner and Kardashian children, now its truly her time, to be Caitlyn....No longer did she has to live Bruce's lies.

Which is a really beautiful thing.

But being the over thinker I am, my mind started to wonder.....

Would the world celebrate this cover if it was Mya,Brittany,Vanessa,Stacy , Lamia, Ty or any other murdered trans woman of color ?

Would we find the same beauty in Laverne Cox or CeeCee McDonald gracing the front of Vanity Fair?

Is this a case of 'white privilege' for someone who up until about a year ago could possibly be seen as a oppressor?

Could this possibly be it? 

Maybe I'm just indifferent to the fact that she wants to live her truth.....I have known many women(and men too for that matter) who have chosen to live their truth, losing jobs,watch them be outcast from families,etc. I have even had the pleasure of calling this not so small community family, mourning their suicides because they felt like they didn't belong in the world,etc.

Yes,Caitlyn is fab..... But Felicity,Amiyah ,Madison and Shauna have been fab for years.... We haven't seen them on the cover of Essence,Ebony or Vogue...

Or maybe the fact that I've seen girls bashed on

I guess my real question is, now that she has chosen to live her truth.....

What will she do with it?
Will she stand up for the slain and violated who aren't as lucky as she is?
Will she accept this platform and do something with it? 
Or why its any of our business what this woman wants to have or not have in her pants?

Or will her transition turn into another Kris Jenner production?