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The waiting game.........

'Yea, we can still be friends...' Six of the oddest words to ever be formed together coming out of your exs mouth... But I mean honestly, do you really want to be 'friends' with your ex? Shit,the friendship you had prior and during the course of your relationship is almost null and void at of break up right? Like what is the social etiquette for platonic relationships with exs? Is there even a possibility of being platonic with an ex right after a break up? I personally love all my exs, I can't stand most of them as people and maybe that's why we aren't together, but still love them (lol). I have one ex who you would never even know we have ever dated,we are actually best friends..Another one whose bedside I prayed at,after they were in the near fatal accident.. But all of that took years and some real life events (death,cancer, adoption,etc) to happen. These kinds of relationships are  NOT common,but it works for us? I was talking to another goo

Am I the only one?

Part of my internal struggle with my blog is the fact that people I know actually read it on the regular.....So it makes it a bit much to write about my love life,friendships,etc... How would you like reading your ex-girlfriends personal thoughts about you,your relationship,your break up,etc on social media? I mean not on a typical emotional post on Facebook or IG with a super direct quote and a picture of Drake but on a real .com address........Sounds wrong,right? But on the flip side of that I tend to stay away from posting any current love interest just in case it all goes sour there is no face to later post and possible adult drama (which is very similar to middle school drama).... Perfect example one ex told me that years ago they wanted to sue me because of a post on myspace post break up, I couldn't even be mad,due to the fact that I don't even remember what I said? But hey,I'm not mad,words do hurt....I digress though..... But today after a conversation ab
  Dear Future Spouse, I need snob,st.germain,velvet teddy,pink pearl pop,and whatever else you may want to see on your skin.... xoxo, Cookii