Confessions of a fluffy girl going to work....

So due to my new job, I've needed to invest in brand new fashions....

Which is crazy when my prior ideas of career clothing were colorful maxis or Jordans and Nike tees.

.....Oh crap, I've become an adult.

My struggle to 'look the part' ,stay warm,be in the correct color (all black) and be true to myself is a constant battle...Seems stressful for no reason,right? Well it kinda is,I refuse to wear pants, prefer dresses or knit skirts,and want something I can throw a light cardigan over as the weather changes. While my job isn't typical 9-5 business wear, and I do have creative freedom, but I would still like to be some what professional?
Did I mention that my dresses have to be a certain length and I am 5'9 1/2?
Yea, the struggle is real?
So with the new season eventually approaching ,I'm researching new possible looks that I can use in my off time as well.....

H&M has become one of my safe places for work wear. Its affordable, cute, and most importantly black! I was super skeptical of their plus size line because of previous disappointments by other "regular" size stores. I have purchased a few dresses that I have loved wearing to work!

$34.95 H&M+ 

$34.95 H&M+ 

$49.95 H&m+ 

Ashley Stewart is an option that I often forget? Not because there isn't one close,I hate them or not because they don't have flash sales (which I love).... I just don't think of them? Ashley Stewart has real options that I can use in my actual day to day and night.
$54.50 Ashley Stewart 

I haven't been a serious Old Navy shopper since... maybe 9th grade? I have tested a few plus size items from them,and I can't say I was impressed but I have never worn any dresses? Another thorn in my side is that it is not available in stores! However,they do offer what I am looking for.... Just kind of plain? I suppose if I stock up on fun cardis,necklaces,etc I could make it fun?
$32.94 Old Navy
$32.94 Old Navy

Then there is Torrid, who has slowly become one of my least favorite places to shop.... Don't get me wrong, I was a faithful Torrid shopper for MANY years. But the change in locations,expensive lackluster options, and their needs to put sugar skulls and glitter on EVERYTHING has made me seek other options....
 But just like that one ex we all have, I still continue to try...
$74.50 Torrid 

$28.50 Torrid 
** I actually purchased this,it did wash really well and is super comfy  

This saga has been going on since I actually took the job in September?
Crazy, I know..... I literally spend hours online window shopping at Asos, Macy's, Monif C and various other places...
I will be purchasing a few of these over the next few weeks to freshen up my work fashions... Let's see how this goes!


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