Cleveland's Own Vain Virgin Hair

So everyone knows I am a loyal Lace Xclusive shopper, I mean a real #xclusiveBarbie,a 18-30' kinda chic and I struggle with change........
 But  I recently reconnected with a former classmate,Ashley who retails her own hair, and I figured I would try something new but true to me. She not only retails her product but also wears it,so I have seen it in various stages,and always thought it was beautiful. .

I ordered the Malaysian curly 24,26,28,30 from Vain Virgin Hair in a natural hair color, I will be dying my hair back dark to match, I have had enough fun as a blonde,lol... But seriously, I really took this chance for the same reasons I tried, LX years ago, because this is a black female owned business,.

The bundles came super fast,I ordered on Friday and received my order the following Tuesday. They are dark, thick, and full ...... The last beautiful touch was my free gift with purchase, a pack of lashes! I love the Ardell shorts,because the longs make me look like a bit like a drag queen.

Click the play button

I will be posting again after my install for my final look later this week

For more information contact: Vain Virgin Hair

Please note: I was NOT paid or given any DISCOUNTS for this blog. 


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