Am I traitor ??

I've received a lot of mixed responses  on my post about gastric bypass last week, some expected, some supportive, and one thought provoking.....

I was talking with young woman that I know,and after she read my blog, she told me..

 'Being fat sucks, we both know. People are so damn shallow'

That's the thing, I never felt the real effects of being 'the fat girl in high school', I was extremely active...I played sports, did show choir, acapella choir, and was the only plus size girl in the senior fashion show..... As an adult, I didn't suffer either? I've dated more than alot of my smaller friends, done small time modeling work, still remained active, traveled and currently living a great life, just with lots of late night eating and of course 2-3 cocktails (lol).

Then she hit me with idea that I never thought about...
'This is what I don't understand about the plus size movement and why I cant get down with it. At the end of the way, a lot of people will try to lose the weight. This is coming from a fat girl myself' 

Tess Holiday

.... I never thought about the 'Plus Size Movement'.....
I've been pretty comfortable in the skin that I'm in most of my life....So I have never played too much into the 'Plus Size Movement' because I have always felt like this is who I am, and I don't need a million other fluffy girls rallying behind me. I have always shopped and beautiful found clothes, with or without 'regular size' retailers creating sub par lines to get my money.I have dated, and loved. There may have been an occasion or two where  I have met someone who weren't interested because they felt like they didn't like plus size women or felt I advocated an unhealthy lifestyle. These things were fine,I never set out to change anyone's ideals on bigger women,or being everyone's cup of tea?
Tess Holiday and myself are the same size, and about the same age.....She is married and has a beautiful child..I'm sure she isn't thinking of losing a pound or undergoing surgery,probably because she the hottest plus size model in the industry right now...I mean my life is pretty great too, so why am I thinking about changing?

I started thinking about my prior life,how can a woman who had such a strong interest in plus size beauty pageants and fashion distance herself from that community?? 

Does this make me a traitor or a woman taking the easy way out or simply a woman seeking a healthier life for herself?


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