Although I'm so #teamMuvaRoseBud

Everyone is downing Kanye,but I think we need more outspoken black men who are daring enough to speak up,be articulate and love themselves.
 The man said he was a God,and why shouldn't he feel this way about himself,because others are offended by his greatness? 
 Maybe he isn't the problem,maybe folks on the sideline who constantly condemn him for loving himself are the problems ? 

But Dorinda raised a young king who acknowledges he is a king.... Isn't that the goal?

Do i miss 'College Dropout' Kanye ?
Yes,but he has he evolved ...As a man and artist, and while I may not agree with alot of that ,you have to admit evolution is a sign of progress

You can choose to hate it but this man is doing what most can't...
Not make millions of dollars,perform in front of millions or sleep with Kim K.

He is doing and saying what he wants,unapologetic-ally ...

Be honest with yourself,when is the last time you did that??


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  1. Very true. Kanye is a genius in my eyes.