18 vs 28.

You ever think of things you wish you could tell your younger self? 
You know to just avoid the loss of money,heartbreak,etc.... Not that I regret any of the decisions that I have made really,just kind of wish I may have done one or two things differently....

If I could see younger Ash, I would tell her....

  1. Always follow your heart,while it may not lead you to your destiny,it won't lead you to your regret.. 
  2. You will never be paid what you are worth,if you are...you are low balling yourself.... I have underestimated myself in the past, not realizing that its okay to be Kanye about the situation 
  3. Stop building a wall around your heart, try a fence so it can still be seen...... I have always been quite selective about who I let in,sometimes to the point of letting the world out
  4. The friends you make from age 16 to about age 24 will more than likely be some of the friends you will keep forever. ....... From Kelli to the 408 girls to Ayanna, my core group has been there for me and vice versa for over 10 years...Many have come and gone but my core is just that,my core.
  5. Words of man never outweigh actions of man........ 
  6. You may not be everyone cup of tea,but you are a select few shot of tequila ....... Its okay not to be liked by everyone 
  7. In life you have two choices, play in the rain or get wet...... Life is what you make it and perspective is EVERYTHING
  8. Never stand next to devil and complain about the heat.
  9. Your real friends you can tell, 'kiss my a**' and you can go out with them the next week...
  10. Don't cry over spilled milk, now spilled champagne... well yeah that is a problem 
  11. Keep your passport valid........ I used to keep my passport in my purse, just waiting for the day that I would go on a plane and just leave ...... I never did,but I had the option to do so.
  12. Smile, its never bad as it could me......Its no secret I just don't do stress very well and have made myself painfully sick but worrying about the things(and people) I couldn't change
  13. Its okay to ask for help, and don't be ashamed about it....... There have been periods in my life, even recently where I've been too proud to ask for help from those around me,and that alone has driven them further from me,ended relationships,etc
  14. You don't always have to be the hero....... I have a need to feel needed,while I am so giving of myself, I often give so much.....That I don't have much left for me... 
  15. You are not weird,you are limited edition, and do not let anyone tell you anything else.........  
  16. Its okay to say what YOU want and how YOU feel........ Until recently I have had troubles being direct with everyone and saying 'I -statements', to the point of avoiding communication completely..... 

As I said before, I don't have any major regrets..... I just wish I could be the little birdie in young Ash's ear..... 

Not that I am really sure she would have listened...Miss Thing was pretty hard headed.


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  1. I think this is a comprehensive list of most people's life experience. However, I don't think I would go back and tell my younger self anything for fear that I may not have turned out to be the individual whom I love and embrace today as well the individual who is loved, admired and respected. Plus, my younger self would not have listened to any "real" adult anyway.