Dear Baby Jaisen-
You won't read or understand this until you are much older ..... 
I'm your Aunt(and BFF) Ash. I'm currently preparing for your arrival to the world. I've been a wreck since I found out about you,like I was giving birth to you myself... Worrying about not being there,your mom,dad,grandparents... 
Long story short I'm a spazz. 
You are my first biological niece,my baby BFF and my princess.
I've been shopping non stop since I found out you were a girl.... I would have done the same if you were a boy but I gotta admit I'm having fun.
I can't wait to see what you are going to be like... Will you be quiet and observant like your dad? Full of life and beauty like your mom ? An artist like both of them? Will you have my wit? Smooth chocolate skin like your grandma? 
None the less I'm pretty sure you will be great 
There are gonna be moments in life where your father and mother may not completely get you,or moments where you need a shoulder to cry on,a trip to the mall ,etc.... I'll be there.
I'll be there to show you pictures of your dad and uncle as kids.... To spoil you rotten and send you home to your parents.... To take you to your first fashion show... Hell I'll help you produce one if that's your thing too..... 
Thank you for filling in the missing piece of our family and filling it with love.

September can't come fast enough kiddo,
Aunt Ash


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