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The convertible dress

My Monif C convertible dress.....   Yes it was pricey ...   But when I tell you....  This little number gets the job done..... She gets the job DONE! It was the best $230 I've ever spent  I will probably get married in thing!

Runway for less

If you are anything like myself,you LOVE fashion,adore the trends,read vogue,etc I mean... the sidewalk IS your runway....You gotta treat it as such I digress, Nothing is worse than seeing amazing beautiful garments on the runways.....then looking at your bank account,or as I say having Louboutin taste, with fubu money. Statement bags..... Super easy to say alot without opening your mouth Karen Walker  $220    Married to the mob  $20

Cookii McQueen ?

Here you see Alexander McQueen's Fall 2014 crystal combat boots... Here you have my old combat boots from Torrid 2013, I think I just got inspired for a fun DIY project. To be continued....
Call me super late but I just kind of jumped on the youtube bandwagon. Don't judge me. Those videos use data.... God knows Verizon doesn't have an umlimited data plan.... Anyways....I digress... I came across this amazing woman called 'Bullys and Make up'.Her channel is filled with make up,hair and DIY tutorials. She explains everything really clear for the cosmetically challenged like myself. She currently has a giveaway on her instagram for some great items,follow her right now for your chance to win! @mermaids_n_clouds Check her out    Although I make stuff all the time from cupcakes to customizing shoes, for some reason I feel more confident in showing my working or continuing after watching youtube videos?

Middle of the summer rut....

So after digging myself out of 4-5 feet of snow daily for what seemed like FOREVER,summer is finally here and I'm all for it. I was super excited to see temperatures over 85,hell I was excited for anything over 50. But one problem, I have hit my summer rut. You know that moment where its so damn hot outside that you would rather do the same thing you did all winter..... Sit and be cold inside! Its time to create some summer memories like Im 12.


The best part of growing up in Cleveland Heights,Ohio is all the amazingly talented people you meet. From writers,actors,rappers we have so much talented in such a small diverse city. And me being the loving individual,Im going to let you know about all of them...  10 people to watch out for,that are from Cleveland Heights. 1.   Niesha Davis  a writer,and actress currently teaching English in ROK. She has created a web series based loosely on her life,career,and dating abroad. For more information check out her site and intro video  here 2.Ski Mask Malley a rapper hailing from the Heights who adds diversity the Cleveland music scene. He has had a few successful mixtapes and his latest video, Apt 5a already has 166,028 views on Trill HD. You can view Apt 5a HERE 3. I have had the pleasure of being in the presence  of rapper-producer, Darren Anthony of the daily and watched his talent grow over the years. Anthony released his first mixtape in 2009, 'The Restaura

I am not my hair....

... Or that brazilan lady's hair either. So since summer 2012 I haven been a loyal customer to Lace Xclusive ,and how could I not be? They sell AMAZING hair... For two years I've been wearing 18-30 inches of hair crack!  Then one day,I took it all out    I needed change(and something cooler because God knows I'm hot right now). However I'm sooo not good with change,like shortly after taking it all I considered putting it back in.... Then I thought of cutting it all off... I considered possibly wearing my natural curls(I'm not much for relaxer )..... Then I said,'eff it I'm getting braids'  And well that's exactly what I did!   This is the finished product. And I couldn't be happier... Tank- Lipstick - heroine by MAC

Welcome home...

So four years ago,I went IN on LBJ just like any other hurt Cleveland fan... Yea,I said it. And yesterday I was still over him.  I wasn't like the rest of my city partying ,creating memes because 'The KANG was back '. I went to work.  Now granted I'm from Cleveland so I was slightly excited about the situation. But this morning I wrote the article written by LBJ himself. In the article he explained why he left,why he is coming back ,speaking to Dan Gilbert,the hurt fans,etc. This man showed humility,maturity and growth.  No one exactly understands what it is like being from Cleveland or Ohio for that matter. But in a paragraph he  expressed exactly what being from NE Ohio is about. Welcome home,Lebron. 
  Dear Baby Jaisen- You won't read or understand this until you are much older .....  I'm your Aunt(and BFF) Ash. I'm currently preparing for your arrival to the world. I've been a wreck since I found out about you,like I was giving birth to you myself... Worrying about not being there,your mom,dad,grandparents...  Long story short I'm a spazz.  You are my first biological niece,my baby BFF and my princess. I've been shopping non stop since I found out you were a girl.... I would have done the same if you were a boy but I gotta admit I'm having fun. I can't wait to see what you are going to be like... Will you be quiet and observant like your dad? Full of life and beauty like your mom ? An artist like both of them? Will you have my wit? Smooth chocolate skin like your grandma?  None the less I'm pretty sure you will be great  There are gonna be moments in life where your father and mother may not completely get you,or moments whe

Random shopping trips

I always find the cutest items when I'm not looking!!! Dress - Fashion to Figure  Shoes- Torrid
  Only 16 bars you will get from me will be in chocolate 

Summer reading ....

  So I haven't done summer reading God knows how long but I was on twitter one day when these ladies were talking about their book.  I don't know why I dragged my feet to buy it! I'm about two pages in and hooked.  As a former customer of their brand,I was super interested.... I mean come on,they did revolutionize lazy fashion for young women.